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I Placed my First Order + A Minor Setback – Part 8

There has been a couple weeks since my last Amazon FBA case study update but I am back today with a brand new update! You will see in this update that I have been very busy handling and placing my first order of my product.

Before we get into more information about my first order, I first want to make sure that you are all caught up on the previous updates for this case study. You can take a look at all of the case study updates below: 

I also did a webinar a couple of days ago where I talked about how to find products to sell on Amazon, you view the replay of the webinar here. There is a lot of good info packed in there and it seems like it was useful for a lot of people, so feel free to check it out if you are interested.

Before we get started, I want to let you all know that this post is more of an update post on my progress and not so much a how-to article. I still think you will find some useful things from reading this post and you will be able to see how I am progressing so far!

I Placed my First Order

I am very pleased to say that I have placed my first order and they are currently in the process of making 1008 units. Wooo

It Took Longer than I had Hoped 

It took a little bit longer than I had hoped to place my first order but I wanted to make sure that I had everything in place. I also wanted to make sure that I wasn’t making any mistakes before I paid thousands of dollars.

To ensure I was doing everything correct and that the product itself was exactly how I wanted, it took hundreds of emails between my supplier and I. The worst part about this is that the only time I can talk to my supplier is after 8pm because of the time difference. This makes for some late nights emailing my supplier back and forth.

These last couple of days I have stayed up till 3am emailing my supplier to try and place the order ASAP.

Some Details about the Order

I initially placed the order last Wednesday but my supplier would not start production until they had a receipt for proof that I paid. So I went to the bank on Thursday and placed a wire transfer to my suppliers bank.

I got the reciept and the production began that Thursday.

My supplier had me pay 30% upfront and then I will pay the other 70% of the payment once the production is finished. 

The total cost for manufacturing my 1000 units is $2,600, or $2.60 per unit.

This meant that I had to pay $780 upfront to get production started and then another $1,820 once protection is complete. 

If you remember from update #5, I said that my manufacturing costs were going to be $2,520 or $2.52 per unit. What changed?

I learned that I needed to have each one of my items poly bagged, which cost me an extra $.08 per unit. Not too bad! My supplier is also applying my FNSKU labels for my for free.

A Minor Setback

Even though I am very pleased with finally placing my first order sand getting everything in place to make my Amazon business successful there is one minor setback that I was not expecting. What was this setback?

Read the email below between my supplier and I(click to enlarge image):

Yup, it is going to take around 25 days to make my product. I had no idea that it would take this long and quite frankly I hadn’t put too much thought into the production time.

Right now I am looking at close to 2 months before my product goes live on Amazon, 25 days for production and 20-30 days for the shipping time. This sucks.

I was pretty bummed out when I learned of this and it does suck, but I will make the best of this extra 25 days that I have. 

There is Some Good News

Yes, the extra 25 day wait is going to suck but there is some good things that can come out of this. The first being that I will have more time to work on the launch of my product.

More Time to Grow Email List and Prepare for Launch

I will be doing all sorts of different strategies and techniques to try and grow my email list of people interested in my product. Growing my email list is going to be my main focus over these next couple of months.

Why an email list?

Simple, because I can sell to them WHENEVER I want. I just shoot out an email and a percentage of them will end up buying my product. I can also sell my second item, third item, etc to them once I get to that point. 

Another cool thing about an email list is that I don’t need Amazon to get me customers, I have my own. 

I will be doing a lot of different stuff to try and grow my email list. Everything that I do will be reported back to you all and you can see if it worked for me or not.

How Will I Grow my Email List?

I am planning on trying some of these different strategies:

  • Ranking my website in Google for related search terms
  • Ranking powerpoints via Slideshare for related search terms
  • Making Youtube videos to attract new customers and emails
  • Facebook pages/groups and ads
  • Find related forums/communities and contribute to them
  • Comment on related websites/blogs
  • And more

I have no idea how well any of these strategies will work or if they will even work at all. I am going try them out and see what works. My background is ranking websites in Google so I will be starting there.

I think that I will be able to get some organic traffic from Google that I can hopefully convert into customers at some point. I will have much more detail about this stuff in a later update but I just wanted to give you all a heads up!

More Time to Cover Topics I May Have Skipped Over

I have covered a good chunk of the processes that it takes to get to the point of placing your first order when it comes to starting an Amazon FBA business. However, I realize there are some things that I haven’t touched on yet or may have skipped over.

With this extra time I can go back and cover some more topics that I may have skipped over. Feel free to leave a comment below or email me if you have a certain topic that you would like me to go over.

More Time to Cover Upcoming Topics

With the extra time I can make sure that I put a lot of effort and time into making the next updates as good as possible. I also want to make sure that I don’t skip over anything. 

Most of what I have covered so far in all of the updates is standard and could be found somewhere on the internet. The majority of the upcoming updates will be brand new stuff that will be coming straight from me, meaning I came up with the info.

Like I have mentioned, I have good experience with ranking websites and marketing them. I think I can do some really cool things by combining what I know with my Amazon business. I also have some really cool ideas for marketing my product and making sales from traffic outside of Amazon’s traffic.

Overall, I think I have some fresh and unique angles which I can use to help me Amazon business and I am very excited to start sharing those with you all.

More Webinars

I had a good time holding my first webinar the other day and I think it would be beneficial for a lot of people to hold more. They could be on any topic that you all want or it could be a Q/A webinar where I just answer your questions the whole time.

Either way, I want to hold more webinars in the future as it seemed a lot of people got some use out of the first one.

To Sum it up

I am very relieved and excited to have finally placed my first order even though it is going to take longer than I had hoped to get to Amazon. I am going to try and make the best of the situation since there is nothing I can do about the extra 25 days.

The next update is going to be on how to get your own custom brand/logo and place it on your product/packaging. I have gotten a couple of requests from people asking for an article on this so that will be the next thing I will cover.

After that update, I could either go back and cover some topics I may have missed OR continue on with updates covering new stuff. Please let me know in the comments which option you prefer. 

Thank you all for reading the 8th update! If you haven’t joined our FREE facebook group yet you can join from this link here –

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Over 100 emails? Wow, that seems like a lot! What were they about? I asked in the webcast but didn’t get an answer. Are you creating a unique product with modifications? That could explain it. Or are you sticking to private label?


Hi Uri,

Sorry for not answering your question in the webinar but they were about many things. Price negotiations, product customization, packaging/logo stuff, shipping logistics and a bunch of other small things. This is what happens when you don’t pay for a course, it takes time to figure everything out on your own! But yes, customizing my product made up a good chunk of those emails. I am still doing private label but I customized the product a little bit to make it my own and better.



Nice work. Congrats on your order. I’ll email you soon. Thanks Josh!


Good to hear from you James!

Thank you and I am replying to your email now

talk soon!



Hey Josh,
I too am a 19 year old college freshman, looking to get into selling on Amazon. I am so ecstatic for all the information you’ve been updating us with and I have a few questions I’d like to ask you.

1. How can you be confident you’ll get more (or equal) reviews than your competition, when they are already selling ~1000 a month with only less than 50 reviews?

2. Have you considered forming an LLC or filing for a trademark on your logo? I am very hesitant to put only my name behind a product without any legal safeguards in place.

3. How do you intend to sell your “business” if you haven’t formed an LLC and it’s only an non-trademarked logo on a product?

4. Did you consider other manufacturers with higher FOB prices but with free shipping when you found out it was going to be $1400? It appears there are many that offer free shipping on Alibaba, and there could have been one that still charged under a $3 FOB which would have saved you money.

5. Even if you can’t feasibly improve on the product in comparison to your competitors, would you still suggest this to be a worthwhile venture?

Thank you so much for all the help! You’ve been astoundingly useful!


Hey Brian,

Thanks for commenting and good to hear from a fellow 19 year old! I will try and answer your questions the best that I can below.

1. I will be using salesbacker, which sends follow up emails to the people that buy the products that encourage a review among other things. Also, most items selling over 1000 units per month will have more than 50 reviews.

2. I am using an LLC for my business but I dont see a need to trademark my logo. Also an LLC is not mandatory but like you said it does add a layer of safety between the business and yourself.

3. Like I mentioned, I do have an LLC formed and if absolutely necessary I will trademark my logo down the road. I don’t see it being very important to the sale of the business.

4. No I did not. Out of all of the suppliers I dealt with, none of them offered free shipping so this was not an option for me.

5. Yes of course, but making an improvement will make selling your item easier though.

Hope this helps and thanks again for commenting!



Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions!

1. Noted! And I guess I’m just confused as to why your competitors are selling 1000 monthly but still have less than 50 then? Is salesbacker truly that helpful?

2. Wonderful! I’m glad you hear you have an LLC!

3. You should do an update on the LLC/trademark topic. I know I am still not 100% positive that I’m not evading taxes or forgoing some critical legal step that I happen to left out and that will bite me later.

4. I understand, and that stinks! I was just hoping my initial order didn’t also have to be about four grand, but I guess it just depends on the product.

5. Of course! Thank you for your help, so very much! I would also love to participate in one of your webinars, you have such a wonderful amount of relevant and actually useful information! You should definitely add a donation option or perhaps sell some of your time to individuals? I would love to reimburse you somehow for being so incredibly helpful to the public!


No problem and I am glad I was able to help!

About Salesbacker, I have not tried it yet personally but I think it will be very good. I will obviously test it out myself before encourage other people to try it but I just wanted to let you know what my plan was.

I will do an update here soon on the LLC/trademark topic because it seems as if there are a good amount of people interested in this. Thanks for letting me know.

I will be having another webinar here soon and I would love to see you there. Thank you for your kind words about my site and best of luck in your Amazon FBA journey.



Hey Josh!

Good stuff so far man. What’s the plan for when your order is finished and shipped? Are you going to have them go directly to Amazon or are you going to handle the turnaround yourself? I’m not sure how that works exactly if you’re your own brand, but I know as an FBA seller you gotta make your own orders and ship from a set address.

Keep it up man!


Hi Kyle,

I am having my shipment go straight to Amazon’s warehouse, I won’t be touching it once. The “ship from” address that I used was my freight forwarders warehouse in China. Thanks for the comment and see ya around Kyle



Hey Josh, thanks for all these updates. Im in similar process and now having heavy talk with my supplier. I have 2 questions:

You were not scared to wire transfer money? As I red on the internet, wire transfering money is the less secure method. My supplier also want me to make bank transfer and Im little bit scared. For the sample it was easy – only 160usd, but for whole order it is a bit risky.

And also are you paying some external Quality control company? My supplier is telling me that they have their own Quality control department, but how to know that it is proper one?

thanks for getting back to me


Hey Matej,

Good questions and I was in the same position as you not too long ago!

1. To be honest I was not scared to transfer the money. I trusted my supplier because I know they are legit and that they would not scam me. Also I only paid 30% upfront so there wasn’t TOO much risk. The only option that would have been safer for me to use would have been 100% backwards T/T, meaning I would pay them once they finished producing and making all of my products. Even though that is safer for us as buyers, it is way too risky for the supplier use since a buyer could bail on them.

2. No, I am not paying for external quality control and I will be using my suppliers. Like I mentioned above, I trust my supplier and they also said they would send me as many pictures as I would want to view the final products.

Sorry for the late reply, been busy, but I hope this answered your questions and I want to wish you the best of luck with your business!



I might’ve missed it, but how much was the shipping/customs from china to amazon. And was that via air or sea?

Did you get quotes from freight forwarders prior to deciding on your manufacturer?


Hi Ryan,

The shipping and customs was around $1500 via sea. I started looking for freight forwarders before I decided on a supplier however, I chose my freight forwarder after I chose my supplier.



Hi Josh,

I’m wondering what the weight/volume was of your order. As I am getting quotes that are extremely high!


Hey Josh,

The weight of my shipment is 1260kg. I am going by sea and it will cost me around $1400-1500. Try asking around different freight forwarders and see what kind of quote they will give you.



Oh wow. That was a lot higher than expected, is you product a heavier product?

Did you go with a freight forwarder that has a hq in the states?

Thanks Ryan


I actually got a really good to deal on the shipping price considering my shipment weighs 1260kg. My freight forwarder has headquarters in both China and the US, but I did not look for this specifically. I was looking for a forwarder that could take my shipment from my supplier and deliver it to Amazon’s warehouse safely. I am using Forest Shipping if you are interested in contacting them!



Thanks for the comments and content.

After working with the shipping company. Any Pros or Cons to using a logistics company specializing in FBA?


Hi Ryan,

You are very welcome my friend

Yes! Tons of pros and I haven’t had any cons yet. The biggest pro is that you can rest easy knowing they know how to handle shipping to Amazon and that your shipment will be accepted by them.


Abraar Arique

Hi Josh,

Thanks for all of these helpful posts. I’m learning a lot from you! One question: does a person need to be at least 18 years old to start an Amazon FBA business? Meaning, is there any process in this business that requires the person to be 18?

Thanks again,


Hi Abraar,

Glad to hear that you have been able to learn a lot from me, that’s awesome!

There is nothing that I know of that requires you to be over 18 years old. You may have to be over 18 years old to make bank transfers but I am not sure about that. I would think being under 18 shouldn’t be any problem.



I think Judge Judy says you can not make or be held to a contract if you are under 18


Given the long mfg c/t and the long transit time why not upgrade your shipping to air. You may lose margin but you can prime the pump and then start on your next order. A 2 month total c/t is going to be difficult to manage and depending on your sales volume may require you to hold more inventory to avoid stockout sales loss.


Hey Greg – this is something that I looked into for my second shipment but, the p[rice was very high and didn’t really make sense to do. However, I agree that 2 months is a very long lead time and is hard to manage



Wow! It takes almost 2 months to make and send to Amazon by sea. Will Amazon still accept your goods after 2 months. I heard Amazon will only wait for 30 days to receive the goods at their warehouse. What happens if they reject your goods when it arrives after 30 days.


Hi James,

I have heard this before but, it is not true. Amazon does not mind if it takes 3 days or 3 months for your shipment to arrive


javier perez

Hi Josh,

how did you find your freight forward? was this recommended by your supplier or you did your own research and picked the best?


I did my own research and picked the one I felt was the best suited for my needs.


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