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Website Investing Experiment

Welcome to my website investing experiment. I bought a website from Flippa back in August 2015 for $6,000 and I am now trying to increase the earnings to a point where I am satisfied and then sell it for a profit. I am calling this “Website Investing” because of the way that buying this site was finance.

My parents put up all $6,000 to buy the site and I am the one who runs/grows the site on a daily basis. We split the monthly profits 50/50 as well as half of the profit once we sell the site. There are some more details behind this deal I have with my parents that you will learn about in the first update below.

In the updates below, which will be constantly updated, explain the ways that I am growing the site and all of the steps I take to increase the site’s value. There is a lot of cool stuff and strategies discussed in the posts and if you are someone who has thought about flipping websites before then you are in the right place!

Check out all of the updates below from my website investing experiment:

Website Investing Experiment Updates


I Just Bought a Website for $6k; Here's Why

In the first update in my website experiment I explain the reasons behind the purchase of the $6k site and the plans I have to grow the site. I also explain the full details behind my parents and I's deal.

​I also dive into the reasons why I REALLY liked this site and how I was able to get such a good deal on the site.



The 3 Month Update on my Investment

In the second update I explain what has happened in the first 3 months under my ownership. You will see how I was able to optimize the Adsense earnings and find a new source of revenue for the site.

Doing these things helped me increase the monthly earnings by a good chunk and increase the value of the site.

 I also talk about what I am doing to try and increase traffic to the site and the progress that I have made in the first 3 months.​



The 6 Month Update on my Investment

The third update lets you in on how the site has progressed in the first 6 months since I took over ownership of the site. 

You will see that the site is now valued at over $15,500 and is providing an excellent ROI so far for both myself and my parents.

I also discuss the idea of selling the site and the reasons behind that possible idea. All in all, a complete look at what the site has been going through in the first 6 months



The 10 Month Update on my Investment

The 10 month update explains what I have been doing to grow this site and how it has paid off.

You will see that I have started to test selling physical products in my own shopify store and it could lead to a new revenue source.

You will also see how I have been able to increase the value of the site to $22,000 and it is now making around $850/month in profit.



The 1 Year Update on my Investment

This is the 1 year update on the site and as you'll read, we are making great progress. The revenue, profit and traffic all continue to grow on a month to month basis.

My parents are also getting really close to recouping their initial $6k investment solely from the monthly cash flow. 

I also talk about some plans I have to grow the site even further and what the overall plan is for the site. You can read the full report below.