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Webinar Replay – How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon

Before anything, I want to say thank you to everyone that was able to attend the webinar last night. You guys are awesome!

I also want to thank everyone who registered for the webinar, it means a lot knowing that there are people interested in learning from me. And for those who weren’t able to make it I recorded the webinar so you can watch it whenever you have some free time. 

The webinar went pretty good considering it was my first time ever doing a webinar. There were some mistakes but I learned from them and I will be better for the next webinar that I hold.

That brings me to my next point, I had a lot of fun doing the webinar and I want to do some more in the future. I really liked the aspect of people being able to ask questions live and me answer them for everyone to benefit from. 

I am not sure what the next webinar will be or what it will be one but you should expect another one at some point.

One more thing, I was able to get a $15 discount on Jungle Scout from Greg(the owner of Jungle Scout) for the people on this webinar. The sale only lasts another day or two so if you are interested in buying Jungle Scout this would be a good time. You can get the $15 by using this link here(affiliate link) –

Thank you all again and the webinar recording is below:

Some people were also asking if they could download the slides that I used in the webinar. If you want to look at the slides yourself you can do by downloading them below.




I find that reading the positive reviews helps too, when peoples positive reviews solidify its main benefits. You can enhance the most positive aspects; make them even better, as well as working on the negative aspects


And, the unanswered questions; you might cash in on the questions like i found in my laptop stand search, like “does it scratch the desk?” This answer could be part of your description.

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