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How to Setup your Amazon Sellers Account – Part 10

The topic I will be covering today will be how to properly setup your Amazon sellers account. The process itself is fairly straightforward but I want to talk about a couple things regarding the sellers account that will benefit you in the long run.

Before we hop into talking about the sellers account, you can read any update you may have missed below:

Alrighty, this update is not going to be as long as the other ones but I will still be covering some important information. Let’s get right into it!

What is an Amazon Sellers Account?

An Amazon sellers account enables you to sell products on the Amazon marketplace. It also let’s Amazon handle all of the shipping, orders, customers and storage for your business. They do all of the hard work for you and they make your life 100 time easier as a seller.

Amazon also provides a HUGE marketplace full of hungry buyers looking to buy your products. You don’t have to go out and find your own buyers, Amazon does it for you which is awesome.

To be able to utilize all of this stuff Amazon provides you need to setup a sellers account with them. They give you two options in terms of the type of account you can choose, professional and individual. 

I will be going over why you NEED a professional account below!

You Need a Professional Sellers Account

When you go to create a sellers account with Amazon you are faced with a decision. You can either sign up for the free individual account or the professional account that costs a monthly fee.

You may be tempted to sign up for the free account at first, especially considering at this point you have probably already paid thousands of dollars for inventory + shipping fees.

However, if you are going to take this Amazon FBA business serious you need the professional account for a couple of big reasons.

Reasons why you NEED a Professional Sellers Account


Allows you to sell UNLIMITED amount of products

The free individual account allows you to sell only 40 items per month or less. This is not going to suit what we are planning to do at all.

We are planning on selling hundreds, if not thousands of products each month. We cannot to do this with the free account.​


Avoid the $.99 fee per item sold

The free account charges you an EXTRA $.99 per item that you sell. Not to mention this is on top of all of the other fees that they charge you such as the FBA fees and storage fees.

Having to pay Amazon an extra $1 per sale eats up our profit margins and kills the bottomline. ​


Access to more categories that you can sell in

The free account restricts you to only 20 different categories. This severely limits the types of products we can sell.

The professional account gives you an extra 15 categories to sell under including the 20 that the free account gives you.​

The bottomline, the free individual account is geared towards people just starting out with retail arbitrage. Retail arbitrage is NOT what we are doing here and that is why we need the professional sellers account. The monthly fee might suck but it is a necessary business expense.

Plus, the monthly fee is only $40 and the first month is free. That is a small fee to pay for being able to use Amazon to sell your products.

Now let’s talk about how we go about setting up our professional sellers account the correct way.

How to Setup your Account

I am going to walk you through the basic steps that you need to follow so that you setup your account the right way. 

1. Visit this Link –

Once you click on that link you will be taking to a page on Amazon where you can choose to sign up for the individual account or the professional account. You will see a page like the one below, click on the “Sell as a Professional” to get started.

Once you click on that link you will then be taken to a page where you can either sign in or create a new account. The page should look like the one below:

2. Either create a new account or sign into an existing one

If you already have an Amazon account then you can use that account to sign up. If you don’t have an existing account then you are going to have to create a new one.

Whatever route you take, you will be taken to a page like the one below next:

On this page you will need to input your legal name and accept the agreement. Pretty straightforward! If you are based outside of the U.S. then you will have to read and agree to different agreements with Amazon.

Click the “Continue” button to proceed to the next step.

3. Fill out seller information

On the next page, Amazon needs to know some basic information about you and your brand. You have to fill out things such as brand name, address, country, phone number, type of product you plan to sell and more. Most if the info you can fill out yourself, however the fields highlighted with the orange I want to talk a little more about.

The first thing I want to talk about is the display name. Make sure you choose this name wisely because it is the brand that you will be selling all of your products under on Amazon.

The good news is that you can change it whenever you want! The only problem is that the name you choose can’t be taken by anyone else. I would try and make sure that your display name is the same as your brand name. I talked about how to choose a good brand name in the previous update if you want to read about that.

The second thing I want to touch on is the bottom orange box. This area includes your main product category, # of products you plan to sell per month and if you own the brand for your products.

Amazon says these are optional but I would suggest filling them out the best you can. It will only help you out.

When it asks if you own the brand for the products you are selling say “yes”. If you are private labeling a product and selling it under your own brand, then you need to say yes. The people that are doing retail arbitrage would be the ones that choose “no”.

4. Add credit card to file

On the next page you will need to input your credit card/debit card information . You need to do this because Amazon will charge this card for the monthly fee for having a professional sellers account. They will also use this card to verify your identity.

5. Verify your identity

Even though Amazon uses your credit card to verify your identity you will also need to do a phone verification. Either by text or by call.

This is really easy and will only take a few minutes to complete this part.

6. Tax information

The last step in setting up your account is making sure Amazon has all of the proper tax records for you. They make this process very simple with their “Tax Interview Wizard” which walks you through the whole process.

Once you click on “Launch Interview Wizard” you will be taken to the beginning of the interview. Don’t worry this isn’t a live interview or anything, I am not too sure why they even call this an interview.

Anyways, once you click on that you will be taken to a page like the one below.

Just follow the onscreen instructions and you should be good! Once you click continue then you will be brought to a page like the one below:

This is where you need to tell Amazon how you want to be taxed. I would suggest you create an LLC in your state and use that LLC business for selling on Amazon. There are multiple reasons for this that I will discuss in just a minute.

However, if you already have an LLC setup for this then choose that option and choose the S-corporation. Fill out the EIN number at the bottom along with the rest of the info and then you can continue on to the next page. 

The next two pages you need to fill out a W-9 form and then sign electronically. I do not have pictures of these pages because Amazon would not let me continue without me inputting an EIN number(which I didn’t want to do since I have already done it).

Just follow the onscreen instructions and it should be easy to follow. 

7. You’re all set!

After you complete the tax interview then you are all done setting up your account! You should now have an Amazon professional sellers account and you are ready to start selling on Amazon.

Why I Would Suggest Having an LLC

Creating an LLC business for your Amazon FBA business is a smart thing to do for a couple of reasons. The biggest reason being that you have legal protection in case anything happens to you or your business.

For example, if you infringe on someone’s copyrighted product and then they sue you will be more protected. Your LLC will be sued, not you. 

This allows you to avoid being sued personally and having your OWN assets taken from you. I am not a lawyer but I am going off of what I remember my own lawyer telling me. I would suggest you at least go talk to a lawyer about setting up an LLC for your business.

Another benefit of having an LLC is that you will be taxed under your business and not you individually. This allows for you to save money when tax season comes around. 

By having an LLC behind your brand, you will look more official to potential customers as they will be more likely to trust an actual business. Also, suppliers will take you more serious if you have a registered business. 

It is not as hard as you think to get an LLC

Getting an LLC formed for your business is very easy and doesn’t cost too much. If you go and see a lawyer they will help you out and make the whole process streamlined. 

It will cost you a couple of hundred of dollars to create an LLC but I think it is well worth the money. If you are serious about your business and want to create a REAL brand then I would suggest getting an LLC formed.

You don’t need one right away

One thing that you can do is start off selling on Amazon as an individual and then once you start to see some success THEN register as a business.

Wrap Things Up

That is gonna do it for this article! This was an update that covered a boring and fairly basic topic but I wanted to make sure people were setting up their sellers account properly.

Thank you all for reading the 10th update in the case study and I am getting closer and closer to actually selling on Amazon. I still have around a month to wait until my products arrive at Amazon’s warehouse.

I will have a new update out soon but in the meantime you can join our Facebook group and if you haven’t already sign up to get notified of each new update that comes out, you can do that below. Thanks for reading 🙂

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Luis Perez

Great post. I’ll be following your journey all the way. Good luck and hope to hear from you soon.



Thanks Luis! Good to hear my friend


Umar Ahmad

josh. I i have questions. like me i don’t have Big capital so i decide to choose individual account but i heared you talking about retail
arbitrage does that mean i can’t buy products from China. for example like 200units to sell at Amazon. since i dont have big capital thanks


Hey Umar,

I may have mentioned retail arbitrage before but I am not doing that myself. I also do not know much about doing retail arbitrage so I can’t really help you out on that topic!



Hi Josh,

Do we need to create a customer hotline for FBA? Or just let amazon handle the customer service?


Jake Fry

Josh if your starting in the “pet supplies” category how did you get approved to sell?
Im currently trying to figure this out my self, if i start a private label in a restricted category how do I get appoved


Hey Josh, you briefly mentioned some advice that relates to sellers who are outside of the US.

I’m actually based in the UK and I’m steadily trying to work out how to set things up properly.

I’m wondering whether I should be thinking about setting up an American bank account, and what impact that would have on the tax information you had to fill in.

Any other UK Based sellers with experience, please comment or connect with me on the Facebook group.
Thanks for Your posts Josh, unveiling the unknown for all of us!


Hi Ashley,

I do not have any experience with setting up an account from the UK. However, I would think that you wouldn’t need to setup an American bank and you could just use your normal bank account in the UK? You could also ask this in the FB group and maybe someone there can help you out



Hey so do you have to be 18 in order to start an online business? How would all the taxes thing work? I am currently 17 and want to start.


Hey Igor,

Even though you are only 17 you would still pay taxes normally. Also, you can start selling on Amazon at any age!

Good luck,



Hi Josh great stuff thanks for the info. Question dose my LLC and brand name have to be the same when setting up an Amazon account


Thanks 🙂

Nope! My LLC name is different than my brand name on Amazon


Raz Uberiichan

Hi Josh,
You mentioned you can use a debit card to open a sellers account. As of March 2016, does that still hold true. I don’t have a credit card. Thank you.


what i put in state/province/region help anyone



Put in the location where you are located


Maruf Ahmed Sumon

Really a helpful post for us. We are going to open a shop in our locality. your post helped us most. Thank you for the nice optimized article.

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