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Income Report – June 2015

Another month has past and boy did it go by fast!

In the month of June I finished up my first year of college and I am now back in my hometown. Without having to study for finals or do homework, I now have a lot more free time to put into working on all of my different projects.

This also means I have more time to produce more content for this site. I want to try and post at least one new piece of content per week on the site. We’ll see how that goes 🙂 

During the month of June I added two new updates to my Amazon FBA case study, both listed below:

I also held my first webinar about how to find products to sell on Amazon, you can view the replay of the webinar here. I have a couple new updates for my case study planned for July so be on the lookout!

I hope everyone had a good month and let’s take a look and see how my niche sites did this month along with the progress of my Amazon FBA business!

My Amazon FBA Business Update

June was another month full of planning and trying to get everything figured out. I am happy to say that I was able to place my first order and it is production right now! You can read more about my first order here.

Aside from placing my first order, I was also able to find a good freight forwarder that will handle all of the logistics of getting my shipment from my suppliers factory to Amazon’s warehouse.

Everything is in place and now I am just waiting for my supplier to finish producing all of my units. Once they are done, my freight forwarder will handle everything then the next you know I will be live on Amazon!

I will have more to report on this aspect of my business once I start selling on Amazon, until then there won’t be too much to report in terms of income.

Niche Site WP

I don’t think I touched this site at all last month. No new content was added nor was any new PBN links added. Out of all of the niche sites that I have, this is the one that I put the least amount of work into.

I just don’t have any motivation or interest in working on this site anymore. That sounds crazy sondering the site was making $500+ consistently only a few months ago. 

I would even consider selling the site if you any of you are interested. If you are interested, you can email me at [email protected].




Around 50 daily visitors and it seems to be stay steady around that mark. A lot of the main keywords are sitting on the second page of Google and I thought the 10 PBN links I bought would boost them to the first page but it didn’t happen.

If I have time, I will try and add some new PBN links of my own and see if I can regain some of the rankings it once had. This site is not lost by any means but it will be soon if I don’t try and recover it.

May Traffic: 1,755

June Traffic: 1,309

Percentage Change: -25.5%




A lousy $56 was earned this month, how disappointing.

Not much to talk about for the earnings. Without much traffic there won’t be much earnings either. 

It is simple, increased traffic = increased earnings. Traffic is the key.

Future Plans

Since I have about 2 months until my product is live on Amazon, I might start putting some more time into this site. I will start off with a couple of fresh PBN sites and see how they affect the rankings. 

If I start to see some positive movement from the PBN sites, I will ramp up my efforts and see what happens. I will keep you all updated on the progress of this.

Niche Site SH

This niche site is one that I started more recently and it has started to gain some traction in the search engine. It is still in its early stages but the first couple of PBN links seem to be pushing the site right up to the 2nd and 3rd page for a lot of terms I am trying to rank for.

Within a couple of months I fully expect the site to be ranking on the first page for a lot of different keywords and hopefully bringing in at least a couple of hundred dollars per month.

We will see how it goes but for now it is looking good!



Traffic is looking alright with a small boost in traffic this month compared to last. Even though I am seeing good progress with ranking the keywords, most of them are still on the 2nd/3rd page which doesn’t bring in much traffic.

Once these keywords get on the first page though, then it will be a different story. The traffic should start pouring in once that happens.

May Traffic: 445 visitors

June Traffic: 467 visitors

Percentage Change: +4.8%




I mentioned in last month’s income report that this site made its first sale in June, you can see the proof in the image above. 

It sold one item at the price of $1,772 which brought in a commission of around $88 for me. Not too bad for only one sale.

Since I am selling high ticket items on this site, I won’t have to sell as many products per month to still make a good chunk of money. However, if I am able to sell a lot of items each month then that could be a lot of money coming in for this site.

We will see how it goes, but this site does have some nice earning potential. 

Future Plans

I mentioned last week that I wanted to work on increasing the Facebook presence for the this site. The Facebook page gets a handful of likes each day but I still haven’t utilized this the best I possibly could yet. 

I have been in contact with my writer for this site and we are working out a deal so that she will write a new blog post for this site each week. I think adding fresh content will help bring in extra traffic as well as make the site look more like an authority. 

The articles that I will have her write for me will be targeting long tail keywords that should be easy to rank for. I will keep you updated on of this pays off or not.

Niche Site GM

I gotta say, I am most excited about this niche site compared to all of my other niche sites right now. The site is currently in the growth phase where it is starting to rank on the first page for some of its main keywords.

This is probably the most exciting part for any new niche site because this is where the site goes from only having potential to actually earnings its first dollars.

Let’s see how the traffic looked this month!



Just from looking at a months glance of the traffic you can see the increase in traffic. at the beginning of the month it was getting 10-15 visitors a day and then by the end of the month it was getting close to double that, around 30 a day.

These aren’t huge number by any means but the most important thing is that it is growing. That is what we want to see.

I want to show you a comparison from May to June of the traffic. Check it out below:


Over a 167% increase in traffic this month, awesome!

One of the biggest reasons for the increase in traffic is from me picking an easy niche to rank sites in. This comes from good keyword research and using solid PBN links to rank my site.

To give you all an idea of how quickly I was able to rank one of the main keywords for this site you can see the ranking chart below:


The site first started to rank in Google at the beginning of May around the 120th spot. 2 months later and only 5 PBN links pointed at this page the keyword is now sitting at the 11th spot. Only 1 spot away from being on the first page!

This keyword gets 4,400 monthly searches as well so this is a decent sized keyword! If I am able to get this keyword to the first page then the traffic will start to come in and I will start making some sales!

May Traffic: 143 visitors

June Traffic: 382 visitors

Percentage Change: +167.13%



Wooo $2.52!

I expect this number to be much larger in the upcoming months as the traffic continues to increase. I had 48 clicks to Amazon with 2 sales, which comes in at around a 4% conversion rate which isn’t too bad!

Not a lot of data to work with so far but within the next couple of months this sites earnings should be in the hundreds.

Future Plans

I am going to try to push the keyword that is sitting at the 11th position to the first page. That is my main goal right now. 

Aside from that, I will keep adding new PBN links and trying to rank other keywords. Not much else to do besides rank the site at this point. No more content is needed and now it is time to rank.

I want to add at least 5-6 new PBN links next month to this site.

June’s Earnings – $147.29

All of my niche sites combined earned close to $150 in the month of June. Remember that this does not include the earnings from my niche site that I created in my Niche Site Journey. That site earns a couple of hundred dollars each month but I want to keep the earnings and updates for a separate update later on down the road.

The next couple of months the earnings from my niche sites should increase with my new sites starting to get more traffic and I am hoping niche site WP regains at least a fraction of its previous success. 

I want to earn $1,000 a month from all of my niche sites combined each month, that is my goal. I will be working towards that goal and I am hoping to reach that goal in the next 3-4 months. 


Even though this month’s earnings weren’t the best, they are still an improvement over last months. I have been trying to outsource the production of my PBN sites and since I have started outsourcing my rankings have started to increase.

I am trying to get to the point where I just tell my VA to setup a new PBN and then it will be done with 24 hours. Then all I have to do is add the links to my niche sites and then I am done. 

This will greatly increase the amount of PBN’s I can set up and that directly helps my niche sites rank/earn more. At some point I want to have the creation and managing of all of my niche sites outsourced. 

This will allow me to scale and allow me to work ON my business instead of IN my business. This also means I can put my time and effort into other projects that need my attention. 

So that is where I am heading and so far it is looking good and I am making good progress. 

Thank you all for reading this month’s income report and I hope you enjoyed! I will have a new update for my Amazon FBA case study out in the next week. 

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I absolutely love that you publish your blog income reports and it is very interesting reading how others are doing. I’ve added you to The Ultimate List of Blogger Income Reports. Thanks so much! See where you compare with the others.


Thank you, I appreciate you adding me to your income roundups 🙂

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