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Income Report – May 2015

Here we go with another monthly income report!

After last month’s huge numbers, this months report is going to be pretty anti-climatic. With my top earning niche site gone(sold), my monthly income is going to be looking dismal for the next couple of months while I work on building up other assets. These other assets include a handful of other niche sites and my Amazon FBA business.

I will be touching on each one of these assets and giving you all an update on how they have progressed last month.

I am also very happy to let you all know that I had my last day of Freshman year in college yesterday and I am now in summer! This means a lot more free time to write more for this site, take my Amazon FBA business into next gear and really start working on it, maintain and grow my niche sites and overall just produce as much content for you all as possible.

I am hoping to start publishing at least one new article a week on my site and possibly even more. For now, let’s hop into this months income report!

My Amazon FBA Business

I wasn’t sure if I should include my Amazon FBA business into my monthly income reports or keep them separate, I have decided to include the in the monthly reports.

That means that I will be reporting all of my monthly expenses and earnings from selling on Amazon. I will explain each expense and give you all a general update on how the previous month went. I will not be going into any strategies or how to stuff in the income reports, those will be saved for the actual case study updates.

What Happened in May

May was a month full of planning and trying to set everything up. I spent a lot of time sending emails back and forth with my supplier discussing various aspects of costs, shipping, logos, packaging, labels, samples and more. I am trying to get everything in order with my supplier before I place my first order.

  • One of the main things that came out of those emails back and forth with my supplier was the total landing costs of my first order. My supplier told me exactly how much it was going to cost to manufacture 1000 units of my product and how much it would cost to ship it to Amazon’s warehouse. This info is very important because I can now accurately calculate my profit margins for my product(including FBA fees).
  • Getting an actual profit margin estimate confirmed that my product is worth selling, which is awesome.
  • Another thing that I did was create my logo/brand for my products. I used Elance and hired someone to make a logo for me. I was also able to send this logo to my supplier where they applied my logo to the product and its packaging. I now have my own product with my own brand, pretty sweet!
  • I set up my brand’s website and Facebook page. I will talk more about how I am planning on using these in a future case study update
  • Ordered 3 samples of my product
  • Bought UPC codes and got my FNSKU labels
  • Figured out the logistics of how I am going to be shipping my products

Those were the main things that I did in the month of May for my Amazon business. I am getting very close to actually ordering my first product and starting to sell on Amazon


Selling on Amazon takes a good chunk of upfront capital that will hopefully get a good return on investment down the road. I am currently in spending the upfront capital, so there is only expenses at this point and no income.

Below are my expenses for the month of May:

  • 3 Samples – $450
  • Jungle Scout – $67
  • UPC Codes – $10 for 5 codes
  • Google App(email account) – $4.15
  • Logo – $20
  • TOTAL EXPENSES – $551.15

My total expenses so far are $551.15 but this is before ordering my first shipment of products. Once I place my first order, there are going to be close to $4k more in expenses!


Without a product for sale, there is no way for it to make any money at this point. I am hoping to have a product live on Amazon by August 1st at the latest. The reason why I am planning on August 1st is because it takes around 30 days for my product to be shipped from my suppliers factory to Amazon’s warehouse.


Not a whole lot to report in terms of expenses or earnings right now. I expect this to change within the next couple months as I start to sell on Amazon.

 Niche Site WP

This site continues to struggle, even with the 10 new PBN links that I paid $350 for. My rankings and traffic are slowly declining but I do have to admit that I have not put as much effort into this site as I should be. I have been preoccupied with other things and trying to revive this site has been on the back burner.

Now that I have finished school and I am in summer, I will have a lot more free time and I am going to try and put some work into the site. The fact that the 10 new PBN links didn’t do anything for the rankings is a little discouraging but I still want to try and revive the site.



Same old story with the traffic, slowly declining each month.

I hate writing and seeing the same thing each month for this site. I thought the 10 new PBN was really going to improve some of the rankings but I was wrong. Maybe recovering the sites initial success is going to be harder than I had thought.

I am still going to keep trying, there is no reason not to. Aside from new PBN links, I have been doing some reading about onpage SEO and I am trying to implement some of the stuff I am learning into this site. From what I have learned, my onpage SEO could be the thing that is keeping me from not being able to improve my rankings.

April’s Traffic: 2,213

May’s Traffic: 1,755

Growth: -21%



May’s earnings have dipped to around $133 for the month. Just like the traffic, the earnings dropped again this month. My lack of effort that I put into this site is starting to really show in the traffic/earnings.

$130 from one niche site isn’t anything to complain about, it is just frustrating because a couple months ago this site was pulling in $500+ each month.

April Earnings: $217.17

May Earnings: $133.24

Growth: -39%

Future Plans

I am going to be waiting to see if the 10 PBN links that I bought last month kick in at some point. While I am waiting I might add some new niche relevant blog comments that will act as pillow links to dilute my anchor text.

Aside from that, there isn’t a whole lot that I have planned for the site. At this point I am not sure what I should be doing to help improve the traffic and earnings. I guess just more links and try to bully it to the the first page of Google.

Niche Site SH

I introduced you all to this niche site in the income report for last month. As a quick refresher, I started this site 7-8 months ago and it has had slow growth so far. The traffic is slowly starting to pick up and the site is beginning to rank for more and more keywords each month.

I didn’t add any new PBN links to the site last month but I did add affiliate links to all of the pages of the site. Unfortunately, there weren’t any sales in May but I did make a sale a couple of days. With a high selling price of $1,500+, I earned $88 commission from ONE sale. I will talk more about this in next months income report as this sale happened in June. I just wanted to let you all know the site made its first sale!

I have also been in talks with my writer for this site to start writing weekly articles for the site. I will be targeting long tail keywords with these weekly articles and just trying to increase the traffic as much as possible. We will see how that goes and I will keep you all updated.



The site has been getting around 15-20 visitors a day, which is improvement over last month! With some more PBN links I think the traffic will increase rapidly. I have given the site and the content time to age in Google and slowly dripped PBN links. It is now time to start hitting the site hard with new links and begin to rank for bigger keywords.

The new links combined with the new weekly articles being added, the traffic should keep increasing!


No earnings for the month of May but like I said, it made its first sale in June. More details about it in the next report.

Future Plans

The niche that this site is in lends itself well for being on social media. I already have a Facebook page for the site but I am going to try and really grow it. I think having a strong facebook presence would be beneficial for the site. I might run some ads and start posting more to gain fans.

Other than that, I will be adding new links and new content. I am excited for this site and I think it can be a solid earner each month after a couple more months of work.

Niche Site GM

This is another new niche site that I talked about last report. I started adding PBN links a couple of months ago at a slow rate and the rankings are starting to increase. The competition in this niche is fairly weak and I am able to rank easily for most of the keywords I am targeting. I know this because with only a couple of links I am able to get in the 20-50 range. I know with 5-10 new links I will be on the first page and more than likely in the top position.

So I expect this site to start seeing a surge in both traffic and earnings here within the next couple of months.



Not a whole lot of traffic to report, 5-10 visitors a day.

Note that this site was not getting any traffic during the month of April and May was it’s first month having traffic. Considering that, it is off to a good start!

I added a couple of new articles to the site in May and I am going to trying rank them this month.

With it being already halfway through June, I can tell you that this site’s traffic has increased to 15-20 visitors a day so far. I think this site has good potential and will be a nice $300+ earner each month very soon.

Future Plans

The site is only a couple of new PBN links away from being on the first page for a handful of keywords that get 1,000+ monthly searches. I will be adding trying to do that and see what happens.

I added affiliate links a couple of days ago but with so little traffic there isn’t much to report here. I think next month’s report for this site will be more exciting.

Month by Month Earnings


Well, I ended up losing $417.91 in the month of May.

I am not too worried about it for a couple of reasons, the main one being that I am starting to sell on Amazon which will take some upfront capital. In the long run, this upfront capital is going to pay off.

The other reason why I am not worried is because I have a couple niche sites VERY close to being able to start earning money each month. I also still have my niche site that I document in my niche site journey which bring in a couple of hundred each month. I do not include that money in my income reports because I want to keep my niche site journey separate.

It is ironic the month after my best month ever I have my worst month. I fully expect my income to pick up in the next couple of months.


The month of May is the worst month I have ever had in terms of income but I am putting a lot of things in place that will make me money down the road. It takes money to make money.

Next month’s income report is going to be even worse for earnings since I will have a huge expense of a couple of thousand for my first order for my private label product.

With summer just starting for me, I now have a ton of free time that I will be using to start pumping out the content for you all. You can expect much more frequent posts here on the site

I will also be working on my niche site course that I am hoping to have done within a couple of weeks! I know you have all been waiting patiently for this course and I am working hard on it. It is a lot of work because I am quite literally walking you through each and every step of the whole process that I do for each one of my niche sites.

If you haven’t already, sign up below to get notified when the course is ready and anyone on my email list when the course is released will get a discount. So make sure to sign up below!

Thank you all for reading the income report for May and expect a lot more from me now that I have free time without school.




josh try home improvement products…. try necessary products, things that family cant live without, high price, used daily, have many parts that comes with it…. has chance of getting damage soon…

Dan OKeefe

Josh, tried to reply to the email about interest in a webinar for FBA product selection but the return address ” [email protected]” bounced.


Hey Dan,

Thanks for letting me know! I must have forgot to switch the emails when I switched domain names. Sorry about that and thanks for leaving a comment.



Hey Josh,
It seemed that samples cost you a lot of money. Why was that so ? 3 Individual units costing 550 is absurd. Did you air or what happened?


Hi Kenny,

Yes, they were a little expensive due to me having to pay for a new “template” for my product from my supplier. This “template” cost me $300 and the 3 samples cost me $150 for a total of $450


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