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Niche Site Income Report – June 2014

This is the second income report that I have done for this site and I try to be as open as possible with all of you in these reports. These income reports are supposed to document the progress of all of my niche sites and show you how I go about building these sites into money making machines 🙂

At this point in time I have three niche sites that I am currently working on, two that are earning me money and one that I have just started. The one that I have just started is actually being documented here on this site and you can read the the first couple posts  below:

  1. Niche Site Journey Ep.1 – Introduction

  2. Niche Site Journey Ep.2 – Bought Domain and Initial Setup

  3. NSJ Update #3 – First Couple Backlinks

It is still in the early stages and maybe will start earning next month. We will see how fast the site begins to rank and if we can get it to the first page of Google. I am really excited about this new site and I see a lot of potential in it. I will not be talking much more about this new site in this report because there is nothing to report on. So this income report will be the two niche sites that I have been covering. Let’s get right into it!

Niche Site TZC

Last month this site was my the site that brought in the most money so let’s see how it stacked up this month!




The chart above shows June’s traffic compared to May’s traffic and I think it does a good job of comparing the two months. You can see that in May(Orange) I had a lot more visitors than in June(Blue). One of the main reasons for this is because I lost my number one ranking for one of my main keywords that I was targeting. You can probably tell where I lost the ranking at, if you look at the beginning of the month in June you will see a drop off in terms of traffic.

Why did this happen? I may have over optimized the anchor text from my PBN links and I could have gotten a over optimization penalty. If I did get this penalty it wasn’t too bad because I dropped from number one to bouncing all around the first page but I never left the first page. Another thing that I just noticed a couple days ago was that a couple of my domains in my PBN had expired without me even noticing. Two of my domains that had links pointing to this site were no longer online and that could have caused the slight slip in rankings as well.

What have I done? When I saw my rankings drop I didn’t even touch the site for a week to see if they would recover by themselves. As you can see from the chart below that my rankings did bounce back but not all the way. Traffic dipped for a day or two but then bounced back to around 150 visitors a day.

TZC-Traffic Bouncing


Traffic was around 200 visitors a day so it didn’t bounce all the way back. After I saw it bounce back up a little bit I de-optimized my anchor text a little and my rankings are still bouncing around on the first page. I might try to add some links this month to get my number one ranking back. This search term has 14,000 monthly searches so being number one for this term is a big deal!


The earnings for this month did take a hit from the decrease of traffic to the site but also at the beginning of the month one of my most popular items on my site was no longer available on Amazon. This also could have been a reason for the drop in earnings this month. I did find it available on another site that had an affiliate program but the conversion rates just aren’t anywhere close compared to Amazon.

June Earnings from Niche Site TZC


So as you can see I earned around $160 in the month of June but last month I earned around $220. So the earnings did drop a little bit but the interesting thing is that I sold way more items this month. I sold 116 items this month and only 86 last month. That is a nice thing to see but a lot of the items I am selling on this site are low ticket items.


Future Plans

I will try and get back my number one ranking this month with some PBN links and maybe some on page seo. I will be tweaking and testing to see what can get me back to that number one spot. I wanted to add some content to this site last month because it is still pretty thin on content but I never got around to it. So this month I will contact my writer and see if I can get some new article for this site.

This site has some more room to grow and expand but not a whole lot. For this reason I might think about selling this site after about 4-6 months. For now though I will keep adding content and trying to grow this site.

Niche Site WP

Last month this site was the lowest earner of my two sites but I also said I saw the most potential in this site so let’s see how it did in June!


WP traffic


The chart above really shows the growth in this site. In June(Blue) I had 70% more visitors to my site compared to May(Orange). This is some intense growth and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. I am getting more and more longtail traffic coming to my site and the more content I add the more traffic I will get.

I barely added any new links to the site, maybe 3-4 links this month, so most of this new traffic is from Google liking my content and moving it up the SERPS.


With the new surge of traffic to this site the earnings really took of this month. In May this site made $140 so let’s see how the earnings looked in June.

WP Earnings


In June this site earned $300! That is more than double what it earned in May. I also sold twice as many items this month which is awesome. You can easily tell the difference between the two sites. Site TZC sold over 100 items yet only made $160 and then compare it to site WP where I only sold 29 items but made $300.

Wp earnings chart


Future Plans

I have been in contact with my writer from Elance and he has been writing a bunch of articles for this site and I have slowly started to add them to the site. At the moment I have seven new article that I need to add to the site and I have more being written. Like I have a said multiple times this site has some serious room for growth and could easily have over 100-200 articles on the site at some point. Currently the site only has around 10 pieces of content but I hope to double that this next month.

Comulative/By Month Earnings

I like to keep track of monthly growth and how much I have earned since inception of the site. This shows me how the sites are progressing and keeps a good record of all of the earnings.

Total earnings chart

Com Earnings Chart


The month of June was a really good month for my sites as overall I had some good growth in terms of total earnings this month. Site TZC earnings dropped a little but I am not worried about that too much and I will keep adding content to the site and trying to get that ranking back. As for the site WP I am very excited for this site and the potential of this site. I don’t think that I have even scratched the surface in terms of the possible earnings from this and I can’t wait to see how it performs next month.

In three short month I have built up to successful sites that bring me in a good amount of cash flow each month and I couldn’t happier about it. Some time down the road I will probably sell both of these sites but for now I will keep growing them.

I am starting another site and I will be documenting it here on the site and I am hoping for some similar success to these two sites. So if you haven’t checked out the Niche Site Project yet then you can read the first post here. I hope that you all enjoyed reading June’s income report and feel free to leave a comment below if you would like!





hi Josh,
May i know how many PBN you have right now ? are they all expired domains ? or there are web 2.0 blogs too ? me i have 7 expired domains … my web2.0 are mostly personal blogs not really targeted niche blogs..



I currently have around 30 expired domains in my PBN and I am always adding more to my network. I don’t like to use web 2.0 in my PBN because they don’t have enough power. I like to stick to what works and that is expired domains in my PBN. Hope that helps!


wow 30 exd on your PBN, i’m thinking of adding 3 but im stuck with the amazon clicks number vs. the order numbers. Just this july 6 my traffic went 132 visitors then 122 clicks so far but 9 orders, good thing about this 9 orders and shipped unit provide me an earning of $106 in just 2 days…
im lucky since there are products with price of $920 and $1,000+, and 2 orders of $230+ product.
But im wondering is 7% conversion rate low?

my real problem is on the number of orders, so i cant proceed on buying new expdomains until im not sure if the problem is the filipino write content or something else?

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