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NSJ Update #3 – First Couple Backlinks

Note: I have decided that I will be changing the title of these Niche Site Journey posts to an “update” instead of an “episode” because I don’t want people thinking that these are podcasts. I don’t want any confusion when people first come to my site so from now on these posts will be called “updates”.

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What I Have Done Since the Last Update

Since the last update I have setup the silo structure on my site and added some content to each page. Each page on my site has about 200 words of related content to the main keywords that I am trying to rank for along with a couple images and a video. You will see why I like to do this instead of buying content or spending hours upon hours writing my own content before I have any rankings.

The last three days I have added a new backlink from my PBN each day. To start this site off I am going to focus on ranking three of the pages on the site. If you remember from the first introduction post I said that I have six main groups of keywords that I will be trying to rank. That means that I will six total pages that I will be ranking, but for right now I will be just focusing on three of these pages. (Hope this isn’t too confusing!)

So the three links that I have pointed to my site so far have all gone to the same three pages. I have used variations of the main keyword as the anchor text along with the URL so far. Each link from my PBN will be pretty aggressive and we can get away with that because this site already has brand links pointing to the site.

Now, most of these brand links are pointed to the homepage and most of my PBN links will be pointed to to brand new pages on the site. So I will be adding brand links to all of these new pages after I start to see some rankings appear.

Future Plans

I might add another link or two in the next couple days but all I am doing now is waiting. The wait time for these links to take effect is usually around 7-10 days. I will be waiting about a week to see if I start to see some rankings and I will report back with another update.

I know that with 3-5 links that I should be ranking around the 3rd page if the competition is easy, which it is. I will be back when I start to see some rankings, thank you all for reading! Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments!

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Reading with enthusiasm !




A while back I mentioned to you that I was having trouble finding good domains that were available in my niche. The difficulty made me back off the PBN idea and I was scared I wouldn’t cover my footprints very well.

What do you think of buying links from Fiverr? Do you know of a better source that is still affordable?

My Fairhope lawn care is doing well with a few links from some of my other websites, but of course, competition is not very strong. I am hoping to find a company to rent the site from me. I think once I can get the NAP and a Google My Business link I will top out all of my keywords.

Thanks for all of your articles. They are inspirational.


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