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Niche Site Journey Ep.1 – Introduction

Since I have just started this site I thought it would be a good idea to start a new niche site and have you all follow along as I build it into (hopefully) a successful website. I will going into as much detail about the site as possible but I have decided that I will not be giving out the URL of the site or the niche. I don’t want this site to be affected by any negative seo or unnecessary competition. I want this to be as natural as possible to show you all what it takes to build a profitable website.

Each post will be called episodes and will include updates about the site and my progress on it. I don’t have a certain schedule that I will be posting each episode yet but I will try and get out a new once or twice a month. In the beginning there might be three or four new episodes just because there will be a lot to update you all on. Later down the road I might scale back to once a month.

Market Research

Doing high quality market research is THE most important part to ensure that your website will be a success. If you don’t put in the time to do market research you will get yourself into a bad niche. A bad niche can mean a couple things, either you won’t be able to rank or there are no ways to monetize in the niche.

I use a couple tools to help me when I am conducting my research. Those three tools are listed below:

Those are the three main tools I use and those are the only three I need. I like building Amazon review sites so that is why I use Amazon to check to see product prices and if Amazon carries the item. I use the GKT to find a broad niche and then when I think I found a decent niche I do further research with Long Tail Pro to see the competition. That is just a quick breakdown but I will probably be doing a full post on how I do market research later.

The market that my new site will be in is similar to the TZC niche site I already have. Since it is in a similar niche I know that it is a profitable one and people are willing to buy items in this niche. The major reason why I chose this niche is because of the massive amount of traffic that could be possible and to make it even better the competition for most of the keywords are really low.

The way I like to setup my sites is to have three or four main pages to start the site with. These pages will be the main keywords that I will be trying to rank for. Each page usually isn’t just one keyword, I like to have a bunch of keywords that are similar on the same page. For example a couple of the keywords for a page might be electric lawn mower, best electric lawn mower, electric lawn mower reviews. See how each is a different keyword but are all related to each other? This makes the page capable of raking in a lot of traffic.

The picture below is a snapshot of all of the keywords that I am going to be trying to rank for. The different colors represent each page on the site. See how there are multiple keywords for each page? That is how to maximize the traffic to each page. The keyword stats below were pulled from Long Tail Pro.



Each different color above represents a different page that will be on the site. The grey color means that the keywords won’t be on a page and I don’t know how to implement them into the site just yet. Besides that grey color there are six other colors which means the site will start with a total of six pages. I might just focus on ranking three pages at a time to get the most out of my blog network but we will see.

You can see from the image above that there is a lot of possible traffic and the competition is very easy. The far right column is the keyword competitiveness which is calculated by Long Tail Pro. A lot of the other internet marketers say that they think any keyword below 35 kc is easy to rank for. I like to rank even easier and as you can tell a lot of the keywords are in the teens. This means that these keywords are really easy to rank for and the volume of monthly searches is massive. I have some high hopes for this site and potential of it.

Monetization Method

I am planning on monetizing this site with Amazon and unfortunately not all of the products that I will be promoting are on Amazon so I will be signing up as an affiliate for a site in my niche. I probably won’t get as good of a conversion rate as Amazon but with so much traffic I think it will still be very profitable.

Most of the items I will be promoting are in the $100-$500 range so these are some pretty high ticket items. With all of the possible traffic and the high prices items, this site could be a very high earner each month.

Future Goals

Now that I have a great niche, what I will be doing is looking to pick up an expired domain to use as my money site. I like to use expired domains over brand new domains because they rank a lot faster and they have a bunch of SEO benefits. Some of those benefits include aged domain, trust in Googles eyes, and brand links.

I will be making a post that will explain what a good expired domain has but for now I will be looking to buy one for this site. That is my next goal and I will be back with the next episode of this Niche Site Journey once I find one.

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Hi Josh,

I have enjoyed reading your blog posts. Some very useful information in there.

Just a quick note and then a question if you can spare the time. When browsing your site on a mobile device, when I click the menu bar it displays a couple of things twice (“Thank you for downloading!” and “Thank you!” as well as some very similar pages (“Jungle scout giveaway” and “Jungle scout giveaway page”)

Now onto the question. I am looking for a niche right now and am having trouble finding anything near the search traffic and avg kc you show in your post above. Do you have any tips? Any search strings I should stay away from or focus on? I’m guesssing avoid all the typical amazon/ebay categories. Should I be looking for problems? Passions?
Thanks in advance,


hi Josh, I had a question regarding your market research. You mentioned you use Amazon, Keyword tool and LTP. So first question is what criteria are you looking at in amazon to determine competition and demand? Secondly, what are you learning from Google’s keyword tool that you aren’t learning from LTP? Doesn’t LTP draw its data from keyword tool? I am trying to use jungle scout chrome extension to validate my product idea for a niche website so I am trying to figure out a solid system for that. thanks


Hey Grant,

I mainly use Amazon for idea generation and to confirm that there is a product that I could send people from my site to.

As for LTP, I use it along with the keyword planner because it shows how competitive the keywords are to rank for. I actually use now instead of LTP


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