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Niche Site Journey Ep.2 – Bought Domain and Initial Setup

Today I am back with the second episode in the Niche Site Journey! If you missed the first episode you can check it out here.I am happy to say that I have picked up an expired domain that I am really excited about. I was able to pick up this domain for $95 from which is a place where they sell expired domains.

I like buying expired domains for my money sites here because all of the sites that are sold go through a screening process that makes sure that every domain is clean and doesn’t have any spammy backlinks. They are a little pricey and that is why i only use them for my money sites. If I was going to buy a domain for my PBN then I would Register Compass and GoDaddy auctions.

Expired Domains Vs. New Domains

The reason I prefer expired domains over brand new domains is because they rank a lot easier and faster. Plain and simple. The reason they rank faster is because they are aged and have trust on Google’s eyes. Also if you do a good job of finding an expired domain they will already have brand links pointing to the site.

Before I talk about brand links I want to explain why we want a brand over an EMD. If you have an EMD it is really easy to trigger an over optimization penalty because the keyword is in the domain. For example if you were trying to rank for “lawn mowers” and your domain was “” and then you made a page on this site that you wanted to rank for the word “lawn mower” it would look like this “”. See how “lawn mower” is in the url twice? This is sure fire way to over optimize your site.

That is why I prefer branded domains such as a persons name or a non-related word. An example for the lawn mower site might be “” which would be great because the keyword or keywords that you are trying to rank for aren’t in the domain. The site that I just bought is actually a persons name and these domains are perfect. The reason for that is because the site can be about whatever you want. The domain does not restrict it you any niche. What makes these domains even better is that they already have links pointing to the site with the persons name as the anchor text. This is exactly what we want. This brands the site and makes your site look like an actual brand, not just an affiliate site.

Basically to break it down, an expired domain basically gives you an initial boost in the rankings and since it is trusted in the eyes of Google you can be more aggressive with your anchor text from your PBN. It also helps you from getting an over optimization penalty.

My Domain

I already told you that my domain was a persons name and it cost me $95. For an example the name of the domain would be something like “” even though that actually isn’t it. I want to give you some of the stats of the domain from Open Site Explorer and Ahrefs. I like Open Site Explorer for the domain and page authority but I prefer Ahrefs when I am looking at the links.

Open Site Explorer Stats



Ahrefs Stats


My domain already has a domain authority of 22 and page authority of 35 which is great but what I like the most about this domain is the fact that it already has 96 backlinks. These 96 backlinks are all branded which means if the site was “” the anchor text from these links would be “John Smith” “John” “” etc. See how those anchor texts are the name of the site and generic? This means that the site already has a built brand behind it and is perfect for my money site. With 96 backlinks already, that means that I can start hitting the site with exact match anchor links from my PBN without being over optimized. Perfect!

Initial Setup

I mentioned in the first episode, I will be starting with six main groups of keywords. This means that each group consists of a bunch of related keywords and I will be trying to rank for all of them on one page. I found that trying to rank for a bunch of related keywords on one page is better than trying to make a page for all of those related keywords.

So now that I have bought my domain I will be setting up the silo for my site. If you know how to properly set up a silo on your site you will be able to maximize the power from all of your links. I setup my silo like the diagram below, it is very simple but a lot of people do it wrong.

silo setup


To break this silo down, what I did was linkout from the home page to all of the main pages on the site. Then each page links to one another so that all of the link juice goes to each page. Just a quick note, each page that is listed above is a main page on the site and they are the pages that I am trying to rank for. When I add more content to the site it will not be apart of this silo structure. I will get more into that when I start to add more content.

I do not try to rank the home page on any sites that I make because I like to use the home page as a directory that points to the other pages on the site.


Domain – $95

Hosting – $45

Total Spent – $140

Future Plans

I will be setting up this silo structure for the site and preparing it for the first links from my PBN. I will add a little bit of content, maybe 200 words, to each page along with a related picture and video. Once I do that I will then start hitting the pages with links. I like to see some initial rankings before I start writing or outsourcing the actual content for the site.

I will keep you all up to date on the progress so make sure to come back for more updates! Thanks for reading. If you missed the first episode of this journey you can view it here – Niche Site Journey Ep. 1. To continue following the journey you can read update #3 here



michael lu

Hey man,
Congratulations to your new domain. Will you post the domain performance in the next post?
I am interested


Hi Michael,

Thank you and yes I will keeping everyone updated on how this site progresses. The next post will probably cover my link building strategy and soon after I should start to see some ranking that I can report back on. So make sure to come back and check out how the site is doing, thanks for comment man!



Interested to hear how your silo works outs. What site did you purchased your aged domain name from, if you don’t mind sharing?



Hi Clayton,

I have used this exact silo structure on my other two sites and it seems to work really well for me. I purchased my domain from, they can be a little pricey but I like to buy my money sites from here because all of the domains they sell are spam free.


Andrew James

have you considered using Jon Havers’ expired domain service? Basically the same thing but for $75 a pop.


Hi Andrew,

That was actually the first place I ever bought expired domains from! I bought 5 for $250 and they weren’t very high quality domains. The niche I asked the domains to be related to is a pretty touch niche so that may have been the reason. I personally like to see the link profile of a site before I buy/bid on a site. Thanks for suggestion


Andrew James

thanks for your input. I’ll TBS a shot then 🙂


No problem! 🙂


Which service do you use to host your domain?



I like to use popular hosting sites for my money sites. Such as blue host, hostgator, Godaddy, ect.

Hope that answers your question!



you are doing the kind of stuff i have dying for someone to teach me.



Well hopefully my site covers everything you need and if it doesn’t you can always email me at [email protected]

Thanks for leaving a comment



thanks for the reply! I have also researched bluehost and I have a question. Besides cost, what is the reason to use service such as bluehost instead of WordPress or weebly. Doesn’t bluehost has a page limit for the lower cost plan?


WordPress and Weebly aren’t hosting sites, they are website builders. Also Bluehost does not have a page limit for any of its hosting plans. I would use WordPress with Bluehost hosting if I was you. Hope that helps,



Thanks Josh!


Thanks for going through this in detail, Josh.
I built an accidental niche site on weebly/wordpress but they died due to lack of maintainence. looking to give it another shot. Thanks for going through this step by step to show us the proper way of building a niche site.

looking forward to your next episode 🙂


Hi Josh,

I’ve just stumbled upon your site as I’m thinking of starting an amazon affiliate site too. Can I ask a few questions?

*Do you still think that the expired domain that has a name in it was a good idea, rather than a domain slightly related to your niche?
*Do you think it would have been better having a domain that was still indexed in Google rather than being expired (and i assume out the index)?
*The six pages you have shown above that you have in silo. Are these all best of pages that target specific product reviews in that particular keyword grouping?
*When doing a best of page. Do you have a maybe a 400 word introduction of the products, then say, five full reviews on the same page. Or do you just have like mini review that then link to another post that has the full review in that silo?
*In the silos, do you keep all reviews in that particular silo or do you have a review page separately?
*Do you have a blog on the site, or do you keep all the information posts in their respective silos?

Sorry for all the questions. I’ve been trying to read as much as i can to give me a head start, and finding your blog here, you seem to have a good process I would love to emulate. I just want to make sure I’m not making any mistakes at the off!

Hope to hear from you.
All the best!


Hi Marc,

Glad you found my site and I would be happy to answer your questions:

1. Yes, I do!

2. No. It doesn’t matter if it is not indexed as long as you are still able to index it when you put content on the site.

3. The 6 pages I have in silos are articles that target a large group of similar keywords. These keywords are all closely related and have a good amount of searches each month. These are long, in depth articles usually around 2000 words.

4. I like to have a small intro, then review the top 5 or so products for that specific keyword.

5. I try to keep them in the silos.

6. I have a blog but I still keep them in their own silos by only linking out to the related pages.

I hope this clears some things up!


Joe Burrill

Hey Josh,

Just out of curiousity, was bought as an expired domain? I am thinking of starting up a site and creating my own personal brand, similar to what you have done here. I get the feeling it would be a long process to find an expired domain that is suitable to my needs.



Hi Joe,

PiP domain was not built on an expire domain! For a personal website I would start from scratch and use a domain name that you truly want. Also, I would suggest using your name for a personal brand website so your website come sup first for your name


Joe Burrill

Awesome josh, thanks for the tips. I thought as much, just curious how you did it 🙂 loving the case study so far.


Hi Josh,

I only discovered your blog a few days ago, so I’m catching up on all your great content. 🙂

Quick question: assuming the domain name you bought was the name of a real person (presumably its previous owner), isn’t there any risk of legal trouble now that you’re using it for your own business purpose, while also “repurposing” the existing backlinks to promote entirely different content?

In other words, can’t the previous owner refuse to have his / her name associated with your new project and claim it is causing him / her some kind of prejudice?




Glad to have you on the site 🙂

As for your question, there is a very, very slim chance of that ever happening and is not something you should worry. If this ever did happen whos to say that your name isn’t the name of the site? I am sure there are plenty of people in the world with the name of your domain name


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