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Income Report – March 2015

This month marks the one year anniversary of when I started to work on my niche sites. That’s right, one year ago I was making zero money online and now look where I am. I have come a long way and it has taken a lot of hard work to get where I am at now. It is crazy to think at this point in my life last year i wasn’t making any money, now, I am making over $1,000 a month and I am just about to close a deal on my website(that I started last year) for close to $14,000!

The biggest thing I did during the last year was take a crazy amount of action on the information I was given. By taking action I was able to make things happen and started to see success, once I saw some success I was addicted and that pushed me to work even harder. I am currently working on a huge blog post that documents my one year journey and explains how I got to the point where I am at now. I am extremely excited to have you all read it and I think you will all enjoy it.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at how much niche sites did this month!

Niche Site TZC

This is going to be the last ever income report that this niche site will be featured on because I am in the final stages of selling this site. This site has been the workhorse for my monthly income but it is time I cash this site out. I have a couple reasons behind this move that I will dig deeper into in a separate post but the main reason was to create some working capital to invest into a new business venture, Amazon FBA.

Nonetheless, this site had another really good month so let’s take a look.



Once again, I did not touch this site with any new PBN link or new content. There is no real reason for me to since I am selling the site and the site can run on its own by now. This site truly is the definition of passive income as I don’t do anything and consistently earn over $700 each month.

Not much else to report here, traffic seemed to take a bit of a dip but nothing too serious. Everything else seems steady and consistent.

This Month’s Traffic(March): 10,087

Last Month’s Traffic(February): 10,780

Growth: -6.9%



Another record month for earnings despite me not putting one minute of work into the site. Pretty impressive if you ask me! Why sell a site that is still increasing earnings month over month? I need the cash and the site is at its peak in terms of earnings(The cap is probably around $800) so I am trying to sell it when it is at it’s highest value. I am not too worried about letting this site go and I am confident that I have done everything I could to max out its potential.

Losing a consistent $700+ income stream is going to hurt but the $14,000 payday makes up for it and I am sure my other sites will continue to grow. Overall, I’m not worried about losing this passive income in the short run because with the new influx in money I will be able to build up a business that will earn tenfold this site in the long run.

This Month’s Earnings: $766.38

Last Month’s Earnings: $727.62

Growth: +5.1%

Future Plans

This site has no future plans since I am selling it. The site has had a good run and its sad to see it go but I am happy overall with my decision to sell it. I am excited to start the next venture since I have a good amount of money to play around with. The only thing left to do with this site is hand over all of my username/passwords to my site and hand it over to the new buyer.

Niche Site WP

This site was put on the backburner this month as no new content and only a couple new PBN links were added to the site. I had some high hopes for this site but the earnings seem to be stuck in a little slump right now and it continues to earn less. A couple of months ago this site was bringing in over $500 a month pretty regularly and not it is hard for it to break the $300 a month mark.

Let’s dig into the stats this month and take a closer look as to why this site might be slumping.


WP-trafficTraffic stayed relatively the same since last month despite no new content or PBN links. Didn’t really put too much work into this site this month as I was preoccupied with other things in my business. The way I have set all of my niche sites up has allowed the sites to run on autopilot without much effort from me. This allows for me to get consistent income each month while being able to spend my time in other aspects of my business and growing other things. Passive income truly is great.

This Month’s Traffic(March): 2,852

Last Month’s Traffic(February): 2,775

Growth: +2.7%



Not a bad month, can’t be too mad at $331!

There are still 12 items that have not shipped which means I have not received the money from them yet. That money will roll over into next months earnings which gives me a good start to the month. Let’s compare this months earnings vs. last month.

This Month’s Earnings: $331.40

Last Month’s Earnings: $286.33

Growth: +15.7%

Future Plans

Working on this site is not at the top of my to do list as I am currently using my time on other things such as trying to start my Amazon FBA business and run the case study . This site is kind of weird, it seems like when I don’t work on the site the earnings/traffic increase but then when I add new content/pbn links the traffic and earnings dip. I am sure there are no real truth behind this but it is frustrating. I would be 100% content if this site earned $300 each month without any work needed. I will probably do a little work to this site such as adding a couple new PBN links but more than likely not much more than that.

 Month by Month Earnings



Another month above the $1000 mark which makes it four months in a row!

This might be the last month above the $1000 mark for a while since I am selling niche site TZC, which is my best earning site. I am not stressing about it because I have my other sites that are all at various stages and they should make up for the loss.

I will have niche site WP, the site in the Niche Site Journey along with two other sites that are in the beginning stages but they are getting closer to start earning some money.

Those sites should make me consistent money each month while I try and pursue selling on Amazon. The first couple of months on Amazon might be rough but I am hoping that after I figure everything out I should be earning some good money from Amazon FBA. If you want to follow my journey as I try and sell on Amazon you can do so here – Amazon FBA Case Study Part 1

Speaking of my Amazon case study, I am in the process of writing a MASSIVE resource on how to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon. I am really proud of how it is coming along and I think it will be able to help a ton of people. Really excited to get that done and post it for you guys 🙂

Thank you all for reading and have a good week, talk soon!




HI josh,

That sale sounds like a great idea. Are you following any course to get into FBA or just going it alone?

We are in the process of selecting a product on Alibaba and have a sample coming our way. Buts its hard to find anything decent on the site as a lot of it looks like rubbish!

What sites are you going to source your products from?

Good luck


Hi Joe,

I am trying to get into Amazon FBA by myself without paying for any courses. We will see how that goes!

I am sourcing my products for Alibaba and I am currently in the process of getting my sample. So I can’t comment on the qaulity of them just yet.

Thanks for commenting and have a nice day!



Were you charged a lot for shipping the sample? I noticed they offer the item for free but the shipping ends up being over $35 depending on the product.


Hey Chris,

Yup, you pretty much nailed it on the head. The item itself was free but it is going to cost me around $40 for shipping fees.


jack black

Thanks for your dedication.


Thank you for your comment and I appreciate the kind words Jack


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