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NSJ #8 – Traffic Continues to Grow

I am back again with another update on the Niche Site Journey, this is update #8!

I started this site way back in June and since then the site has continued to grow and make money month after month. I have documented every step of the process and if you missed any updates you can view them all here.

What’s Been Going on Since Last Update?

To be completely honest, not much.

That is one of the reasons why these updates have started to get further and further apart each time. At this point there isn’t much more for me to do besides add new PBN links and try to increase the rankings. I have done all of the tasks I needed to get this site off of the ground and now it is a self sustaining website.

Realistically, this is the end goal with any niche site, to build it up to a point where it brings in a passive income each month without any work needed. This site is currently still in its early stages in terms of traffic and earnings but in terms of tasks, I am practically finished.

Since last update I have been finding expired domains and registering them and then setting them up as PBN sites. That has been the only work I have been doing for this site and at this point that is all that needs to be done.

By adding new PBN links I have increased the traffic to the site and I am starting to see some awesome growth! You can view the growth below.

Traffic Growth

Since the last update, which was around the beginning for January, you can see that the traffic has improved by leaps and bounds. This is due to the PBN’s but I also think it has to do with the age of the content. The content has been in Google’s index for over 9 months and it is improving naturally.

Traffic Growth Since January 1st


The traffic has grown to over 100 visitors a day on average and even reached over 130 on one day. Its a good sight to see when the traffic is steadily improving day after day. To put in perspective the huge growth of the last couple of months, let’s look at the sites traffic since it was created back in June.

Traffic Since Inception in June


Check out that growth, pretty cool huh?

The interesting thing is that I haven’t been doing anything different than I have since I created the site. The amount of PBN links have slowly increased and that is just about all I have done to the site. The huge increase in traffic is because the site is starting to rank for more and more long tail search terms. I am not ranking on the first page for any term that gets over 800 searches a month. All of the traffic is coming from keywords that get anywhere from 30 – 750 searches a month. Take a look at the stats from Semrush below:


This is only a handful of the keywords that my site ranks for, in total Semrush says that I have 138 keywords in the top 20 of Google. One thing I want you to pay attention to is the Traffic % column on the picture above.

My top keyword for this, which gets 720 searches a month and I rank 6th in Google for, only brings in 7.51% of my total traffic. This means that my traffic isn’t coming from only one keyword, but a ton of different long tail keywords.

This proves that you can have a website that makes good money and gets a good chunk of visitors by only ranking for long tail keywords. There is no need to try and rank for keywords that are searched for 4,000 a month. These keywords are very competitive and often takes 6-12 months to even crack the first page. Personally, I would rather spend my effort ranking a ton of easy long tail keywords that convert even better than the broad keywords with a bunch of monthly searches.

You can often rank for long tail keywords in a matter of weeks with content only, no outside link building necessary. People overlook the power of long tail keywords and are missing out on a big, big chunk of traffic.

To sum up the traffic growth, it all comes from the site starting to rank for more and more long tail keywords. My large, competitive keywords that I was initially targeting are slowly moving up the SERPS but in the meantime long tails are bringing in all of the traffic.


At the beginning of this niche site journey I targeted around 10 keywords that got anywhere from 1,900 monthly searches to 14,900 monthly searches. I am still trying to rank these keywords on the first page with PBN links even though I have found great success with long tail searches. Let’s take a look at how my rankings are doing. I am using SERP Book to keep track of all my rankings for all of my niche sites.


I am having steady increases on the keywords above and I am on the 2nd and 3rd page for a lot of them. It is going to take a good amount of more PBN links to reach the first page of Google but it will be well worth it by looking at the monthly searches. If I was on the first page for all of the above keywords I would easily have over 1,000 visitors each day.


 The last update for the site was on the 1st of January so the earnings below are from January 1st, 2015 until March 10th, 2015.


The site is steadily earning around $200 a month even with the increase in traffic. I am not worried about and my main focus for this site is to get as many visitors to the site as possible. I have not fully optimized the site yet for clickthroughs yet.

The full earnings history is below, the click throughs are steadily increasing each month yet the conversion rate and average sale price is keeping the the earnings relatively similar each month.


Total earnings for this site so far comes to a total of $1,188.16. Not too shabby!


Domain – $95

Hosting – $45

Six 1500 word articles – $200

Pillow Links  – $175

Facebook Likes – $5

Total Spent – $520

Total Earned – $1,188.16

Total Gain/Loss – $668.16


The traffic keeps growing month after month but the earnings seem to be stuck around the $200 mark. I am not worried about that as of now but if it keeps happening I will try and make some changes to the on page layout of the content. Otherwise I am very happy with the traffic growth and how far the site has come in a short 9 months.

The plan is to keep ranking for long tail keywords while slowly pushing my main keywords higher and higher in the SERPS. Within 3 months I hope to have a coupe of the main keywords on the first page of Google. If I am able to do that then my earnings will skyrocket. It won’t be easy but it will be worth the hard work.

I hope that you all have enjoyed the 8th update in the Niche Site Journey and I will be back with another report when something of interest happens. Thank you all SO much reading and if you have any questions please leave a comment.




Great progress Josh,

Have i understood correctly , you have only 6 articles on your site ??

If thats so these are the great earnings and traffic for such a thin site..I wanted to ask you about your linkbuilding a bit..I know that you have laid down your plan for every website but i was wondering how many pbn domains you have in total..And do you make your pbn just for one site , or you use your entire portfolio and link to your money sites from each domain..

Looking fwd to your future updates.



Hello Jasko,

First off I want to say thank you for leaving a comment and I would love to answer your questions!

Yes, as of right now I only have around 6 articles on the site. Each one of these articles are very detailed and helpful to the buyer. Each is around 1500 words and are used to rank for all of my keywords. I plan on adding more in the near future.

I currently have around 50 PBN sites but not all of them are used for each site. I only link out from my PBN to my money sites if they are in the same niche. For example, I might have 20 PBN sites in the animal niche and then I will use those 20 PBN sites to help rank one of my sites about dogs and one of my sites about cats. Then I might have 15 PBN sites in the video game niche then I would use those sites to rank any one of my money sites that relate to video games. As long as the PBN is relevant to my money site then I will link out to it.

For this site, I currently have 25 PBN links pointing to the site.

I hope this clears things up and if you have any other questions just ask. Thanks for your comment Jasko


Richard |

Nice work Josh! It’s really nice to see “behind the scenes” of a site like this and watch it slowly grow into something impressive. My own niche site has seen a nice jump in rankings recently, though traffic is still lower than yours. Fingers crossed for the future though!


Hello Richard,

Just checked out your site, good stuff!

Thanks for your comment and I am glad that you are liking the niche site journey and good luck with your site!



Josh, great looking traffic graph! Congrats on the improved rankings and traffic.

Definitely looks like you have yourself a winner.


Thanks Jon! Big fan of what you are doing over at your site and means a lot that you came over to my site and left a comment. See ya around

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