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2014 Income Report

The last couple of monthly income reports have been absent but I thought that I would post my 2014 income report for the year. 2014 was a great year for me personally as well as for my business. This was the first year that I have continuously worked on my online business and it has paid off. I am planning on making some big moves within my business to further grow total online income. I will have more information about that a little bit later!

I will breakdown this post by each one of my sites and give you all of the details for each one. The at the end I will combine all of the stats and see how they turn out! How about we get started.

Site TZC

This site was created back in March and almost started to rank immediately with the help of my PBN. Back in March, links from a PBN would help a site rank and start making money usually within the first month and even sometimes quicker than that. Times have changed a little since then but just so everyone knows I am still a huge fan of PBN’s.

All of the content for this was written by an industry expert in this niche, he actually writes for a magazine in this niche. I paid this writer top dollar but in return I got top notch quality. Having high quality content is something that I believe is one of the most important things to have for a successful site.

Traffic in 2014


With the site being created around the end of March you can see how rapidly traffic grew on this site. It reached around 200 visitors in less than two months! Since then traffic has continued to grow at a good pace. It now gets around 400 visitors each day which is nice chunk of visits. Some of this recent growth can be contributed to my trying to expand into as many different areas of this niche as possible.

2014 Earnings


Since March, this site has brought in over $2,600!! That is a lot of money and I am very proud that I was able to create a site fro scratch and turn it into something that brought me in thousands of dollars.

I also sent a little over 31,000 people to Amazon from my site which then ended up selling 1303 items. I also brought in over $37,000 to Amazon(Yay!…not) and seeing all of that money that I made for someone else is an eye opener. Maybe being an Amazon affiliate isn’t the best route for me to go? I will be thinking of some other options that might be more lucrative.

2014 Site Overview and Stats

If you are like me, then you love being able to see all of the data from a site all in one place. To do this I created a spreadsheet that I update each month with all of the sites stats for the month. It is a great way to track progress and see what there is to improve on.


Feel free to click on it and make it bigger if you want to get a better look at the numbers. You might have noticed December’s income which is the highest monthly income for the site ever with over $633 brought in. I am pumped about those numbers and I hope they continue to grow!

Month by Month Stats





Future Plans

As of right now I am not planning on doing anything else to this because I am more than likely going to be selling it within a month or two. I am going to explain more about why I am doing this in the upcoming days but in the meantime I will not be adding any new links or content to the site.

If you are interested in buying this I will gladly entertain any offers that come my way. You can email me at [email protected] or leave a comment if you are interested. Also just to let you know it is on pace for a $600-$700 month this month.

Site WP

This site was created at the same time as my other niche site TZC which was back in late March of 2014. This site has been ranking mainly due to my PBN as well as exceptional content. I was able to find another niche expert to write all of my articles for this site and my writer has done a great job. As of right now this site has around 40 articles on the site but there is plenty of room to expand that.

This site has a ton of unrealized potential and I can envision this site making up to $2,000 a month at its peak. It will take some time along with a lot more content and PBN links but I have good faith it can make it.

Traffic in 2014


The first thing that pops out is probably going to be the huge drop in traffic around the end of October. If you remember that was when the new google update came out and it affected my site. I say “affected” because I was not penalized in the update. What happened was most of my first page rankings were pushed down the page or onto the second page. What happened was that other search results had passed my site in the SERPS which pushed mu site down.

You might also notice that the site is almost back to where it was before the update and it is slowly getting back to its traffic. What I did to increase the traffic after the update was let it sit. I didn’t touch the site for about a month and let all of the SERPS settle down so I was able to evaluate what happened and what I needed to do. I came to the conclusion that I needed more content along with some new PBN links. I have put that plan into motion for the last couple of months and it looks like it is working. I still have a ways to go to get my rankings back but I don’t see why I won’t be able to attain them again.

I also want to talk about long tails. I mentioned earlier that this site has over 40 articles on the site and they are all starting to bring in traffic. Aside from my main articles that I want to try and rank for my keywords, all of the traffic comes from long tails that my articles are targeting.

2014 Earnings


This niche site has brought in $2,375 since it was created back in March which is just a couple hundred dollars shy of niche site TZC. This number is awesome to see but I know that this site has huge potential and it could be bringing this amount each month. The site is a little over 8 months old so it has done pretty well in such a short period of time. I have a feeling 2015 is going to be a big year for this site and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

2014 Site Overview and Stats

Just like I did for niche site TZC, I have a spreadsheet that I keep updated each month with its monthly stats. You can see that my earnings took a hit after the Google update but my earnings are on the upswing and recovering.


Month by Month Stats





Future Plans

As I have mentioned a couple times, I pan on taking this site to the next level. I will accomplish this mainly by adding a ton of new content(I always want to have an order out on an article with my writer) and adding links. Those are the two main areas that will help grow my site the most so that is where I will focus my attention for now.

This niche that I am in can easily produce up to 100 articles but I am thinking about broadening my niche a little which opens up the possibility for hundreds of articles. I am going to take one step at a time but my end goal is to expand into this niche fully and cover all aspects of it. The potential is endless for this site and in 2015 I will work hard to reach this potential.

Site MB – My Niche Site Journey Site

I started this back in late June early July of this year and I documented all of my work and its progress here on the site. I recently just did another update for this site that you can read here. If you haven’t been following along the journey then you can go to the Niche Site Journey portal here.

This site is going on 6 months now and I am starting to see some awesome progress in terms of earnings. I created this site after the “new google sandbox” which is means that it takes longer for sites to rank on the first page for terms. This means that this site has taken longer to start ranking then the other two sites but it slowly starting to grow.

You will see that this site earns a good amount of money from a fairly small amount of visitors each day. This goes to show that with more traffic the earnings will skyrocket. Just like site WP, this niche site has a ton of potential and I am just scratching the surface. Let’s get into how this site has done in its first 6 months.

2014 Traffic


This sites traffic growth is much slower than the other two sites but it is consistently growing. Currently it is getting around 60 visitors a day on average, which really isn’t that much. I have thrown a good amount of PBN links at this site but it is still having trouble ranking for its main keywords. Almost all of the traffic that comes to the site is from long tail queries. There isn’t anything wrong with that, but for this site to be taken to the next it needs to reach the first page for its main keywords.

To do this, I am going to be buying some high powered and niche relevant domains for my PBN. I will be using the same tactic that I showed you all here. It is time consuming but there is no better way to find niche relevant and strong PBN sites for a reasonable price.

2014 Earnings


You might be a little shocked at how much money this site has earned when compared to the amount of visitors that this site gets. Most of this money has been earned within the last three months of the year as well. One thing that pops out on the picture above is the average sale price, which is almost $200! Compare that to my other sites and it absolutely crushes them. This goes to show that if you are selling high ticket items you don’t need a ton of sales or a bunch of traffic to earn some good money.

Site Overview and Stats



Just like my other sites I like to keep track of my monthly stats for each site. You can see that the last two months of earnings really started to pick up and bring in a good chunk of change. I want to point out the insane RPM of this site, you can see the RPM for each month on the bottom gold row of the spreadsheet. The average RPM for the year is just about 140. This means that for every 1000 visitors that come to my site I will earn $140. That is a very high RPM, just to put it into perspective lets look at mt other sites RPM.

Site TZC RPM – 50.50

Site WP RPM – 76.70

This shows that this site has true potential to be a big money maker. If I can get this site to 10,000 visits a month then I will theoretically make over $1,400 in that month. It is something to work towards and it is good to know that if I can bring traffic to this site, then it will make me money!

Month by Month Stats





Future Plans

As the stats for this site prove, this website can be over a thousand dollar per month site easily if I can just bring in more traffic. That is going to be my number one priority for this site and something that I will be working hard on next year. You can follow along this journey for the site on this website as I will be updating you all on the progress it makes.

This Site Moving Forward into 2015

The posts on this site have been very inconsistent and most of them have just been income reports but this coming year I hope to change those. I will be updating this at least a couple times a month and not just with income reports. I want to branch out into tutorials as well as teaching you all the cool things I learn.

I hope that you all book ark my site and check regularly for updates because I think you all will enjoy the content that I put on this site. I am very busy with college and making money from all of my sites but I will still find time to update this site as much as possible. I want to turn this site into an authority in the niche site/buying and selling website business and I hope that you will all follow along!

Thank you all for reading this long post but I hope you enjoyed! I have some exciting news that I will be telling you all very soon after as well as some of my future business decisions that I think will propel me into more money and success. Once again, thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment. I love reading them and I will respond to them all.





Hey Josh,

Let me start by saying im glad i have kept your sites in bookmarks as you didnt update for awhile but no i see that you will keep this blog updated.I always like this income reports as they are giving me huge motivation to keep pushing with some of my sites.I also have a couple of questions so if you dont mind i would like to hear your thoughts on this one.

1.With linkbuilding : do you make any other links except pbn-s..I know you did order some service to dilute your anchor text but i think any service like that might be a reason to penalize youre site in a future..Do you think maybe few PR releases could do the trick and at the same time be much safer for your site.Also how about some web 2.0 or links from video sites to diversify your link profile ??

2.How many amazon links you have per page.I have one site that is getting around 50 visits per day but im just planing to monetize it so im looking for the right amount of links.Also do you use something like “check price” or “buy on amazon”.

3.Have you found a way to boost pbn links..I have small pbn and i have also noticed that its power is not like it used to be.i dont know if that it just takes longer time to rank or we have to find more ways to do it right..

Hope youll update this more often and of course i hope youll achieve your goals in 2015.



Hello Pike,

Thank you for taking your time to leave a comment! I am glad that you like the site and find it motivational. Also thanks for keeping my site bookmarked 🙂

As for your questions, my answers are below.

1. Most of my link building did consist of pbn links as well as some links to dilute the anchor text. The services I used to dilute the anchor text was mostly blog comments and social bookmarks so I am not worried about being penalized from them. Press releases are a great way way to dilute your anchor text but it would be best to use a variety of different things. Such as video links and Web 2.0 links like you mentioned.

2. I don’t really pay attention to how many Amazon links I have. I just make sure to have a good amount of them so that the visitors on my site can go to Amazon whenever they feel like buying the product. But to answer your question on my main pages that sell there are probably around 20 total Amazon links in a 1500-2000 word article. I also use a bunch of different text for my Amazon links. A lot of them are buy from Amazon and other similar phrases. I find they work well.

3. Pbn’s lost a tad bit of their power when Google went after them in October but they are still very effective. The best way to strengthen your pbn’s is to throw a bunch of social bookmarks at them. This not only boosts their power but also makes them look like real sites and a lot more natural. That’s what I have been doing and it seems to work well.

I hope I was able to answer your questions and once again thank you for the comment! Best of luck and if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask



Hey Josh,

Thanks for your time to answer my questions..I will keep my eye on your site and i will be waiting for updates regarding your sites and other things you will share here..


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