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NSJ Update #7 – 3 Months Later

I have been very busy the last three months but I will not bore with the details. Even though I haven’t had the time to update you all on the Niche Site Journey(Sorry), I have been able to keep working on this site and improving it. The last update was in the beginning of September and a lot of things have changed and I am very excited to show you all the progress. I suggest you read the last update here before reading this article so you can catch up on all of the details. Enough of the talking and let’s get right into the details of the site!

PBN Links

At the time of the last update there were a total of 16 PBN links pointed at the site and now there are 23 total PBN links. I have only added 7 PBN links in three months but I am planning on starting to up the amount of links. In the next month I am hoping to add around 5 new PBN links. Like I mentioned last update I have began to add PBN links to all pages of the site so I can slowly start to rank all of the pages of the site.

Since I have slowly dripped my PBN links to my site the last three months it makes the site look a lot more authentic and natural in Google’s eyes which is exactly what I want. It is not natural for a site(especially one that was just created) to get an influx of links in a short period of time. The good news is that this site is now over 6 months old and getting some traffic which means it is completely natural for it to be gaining links from other sites(My PBN).

I will continue to add new PBN links as long as the traffic and rankings continue to improve. The strength of PBN links have been weakened by Google but they are still capable of increasing rankings. I am currently doing some tests to see if I can improve the power of my PBN, I will let you know how that goes!



As you can see the rankings don’t look too good, but the good news is that there are thousands of long tail keywords in this niche and that is where most of my traffic comes from. The far left column named “MS” stands for monthly searches and you can probably notice that each keyword gets a substantial amount of searches each month. If I were to rank in the top 10 for all of these keywords my traffic would go through the roof.

My plan of attack is to keep adding links and getting traffic from longtail keywords until eventually the keywords that you see above in the picture start to rank highly in the SERPS. It might take another 6 months or a year before that happens but the potential of this site is unlimited. You will see later on the report when I get to the income but the long tail keywords are earning me a good chunk of money each month.



The image above shows the traffic since the last update until December 31st. The traffic continues to grow and it currently gets around 60-70 visitors daily. Keep in mind that this traffic is mainly from longtail keywords and if this site was able to start ranking for the keywords that I am targeting this site could easily achieve over 500 visitors a day. It doesn’t really do much to speculate like that but I just want to put in perspective the potential this site has, I just have to stick with it and continue to grow it.

page views

The chart above shows the pageviews of the site since September. I only show the top 3 pages of the site because those are mainly the three pages that I have pointed all of my PBN links at. The other pages don’t have nearly the amount of pageviews that these three do so I just left them out. One thing that I do want to point out is the average time on page. You can see that people are spending a good amount of time on each page and Google loves to see this. This makes my site look useful and helpful since the visitor is staying on each page for so long.

I have to credit this to my writer that I have for my site. He is an expert in this niche and knows what he is talking about, and not to mention a great writer. The articles might seem a little expensive at first but it will payoff in the long run.


The earnings section of this report is where you are going to see the greatest improvement since last update. In the last niche site update my total earnings for the site was around $55. Now let’s take a look at how it did since then.

Earnings Since Inception


You can click on the picture above to get a bigger view of it if you would like. The earnings for this site have improved immensely and in November earned $343! I am extremely happy about these results and I want you to keep in mind that these earnings are with only around 60 visitors a day, just imagine if there were 500 visitors a day? The earnings would be astronomical!

The amount of click throughs have increases each month as well as the number of sales in each month. Those are two important stats that keep going up. Another thing to note is the average sale amount, in November it was over $300! On average it is around $160 but even that that is still impressive. In total this site has earned $753.64 since the beginning of the site. It is a good start but there is plenty more to come.


Domain – $95

Hosting – $45

Six 1500 word articles – $200

Pillow Links  – $175

Facebook Likes – $5

Total Spent – $520

Total Earned – $753.64

Total Gain/Loss – $233.64


I have gone from in the red to in the black in terms of spendings and earnings for this site which is awesome. This is mainly because of the last two months where this site has brought in a good chunk of change. The site is officially in profit but I think that this site is a long ways away from its true earning potential. I will keep adding PBN links and articles as I see fit in hopes that it will keep growing the site. I am very excited to see what the new year brings for this site.

One last thing before I end this article, I am sorry that I have been absent from this site for the last three months but I have been very busy with school. I will make sure to keep this site updated and I am planning on putting out some great content this year that I am pretty excited about. I hope that you all stick around and follow as I navigate the online seas. Thanks for reading everyone 🙂

Read the 8th update here!




nice to know youre updating your site again ive been checking for updates finally its here .. wow you have more pbns now .. i think ill develop my other 8 … happy new year .look forward for more increase earnigs on your sites


Hi, how’s the site doing now? Do you plan to post any further updates? I also have a question regarding your PBN. What’s your main source of expired domains and do you have a separate PBN for each money site?


It is doing good and I am planning on doing an update soon, I have been adding a lot of new PBN links lately and new content. It seems like those two things are growing the site at a pretty good pace and I am planning on having an update within the next month or two!

My main source of expired domains is from finding them myself and yes, most of my PBN sites only link to one money site for least amount of risk



How is the site doing now? Nov and Dec are the shopping months, do your sales increase hugely this month?

Have been waiting for your updates for a long time. Please keep more updates with your niche site journey, can’t wait for them =D


Hi Rio,

The site is going good and I am planning on doing an update post here in awhile. Thanks for the comment and be on the lookout for a new update sometime soon



Thanks for sharing Josh.
Read it all in 1 sitting.
i dont see an update #7, curious to see where it is right now.



Glad it was interesting enough to read all in one sitting 🙂 I am planning on doing an update here soon on it but just to give you an idea of the progress, in the month of November it earned over $800!



Hi Josh. I have been a keen follower of your blog for the past 5 months now and keep coming back to read all these updates. So let me thank you for some really interesting and helpful posts. Any plans for posting update#8 for NSJ? I am sure a lot of your followers are waiting for it. I did see in one of your comments that you made over $800 which is pretty nice. Have you started ranking higher for any of your main keywords or is it still the long tail keywords? Also, what would be your advice to someone like me who doesn’t have any background in SEO and niche site creation around how to go about creating something from scratch. I know you were going to do a course/webinar to explain all of that but I didn’t see any updates. Did I miss something? Congratulations on making some nice progress and wish you all the best!


Hey Sherry,

I truly appreciate you reading my site for 5 months, thank you!

The good news is that I JUST posted update #8 for my NSJ, you can read it here –

If you are looking to start but don’t have any experience with SEO I would suggest that you start your own website from scratch and learn as you go. Also, while you are building your own site I would read and learn as much as possible about SEO and building niche sites. The bets way to learn how to do anything is to learn as you go, and the same applies for niche sites. As for the course I was going to do, I put that on hold for now as I am fully wrapped up in my Amazon FBA business and providing updates on that on my site.

Thanks for commenting and make sure to give NSJ update #8 a read!



Thank you Josh! I just read update #8 and I am impressed with how things went along the past year. Good luck with the sale next month. I find your strategy about building a niche site and then selling it for 20x really interesting. I didn’t have any idea about that earlier.

Would you be able to recommend some resources to learn more about SEO and niche sites? I have seen a bunch of offerings but I have no idea if they are worthwhile.


Glad you enjoyed it! Yes, selling niche sites can be very profitable and I am happy to be able to open your eyes 🙂

One of the best resources for niche sites is Niche Site Azon –



Thanks so much Josh! I’ve been literally devouring resources on niche site creation in the last 3-4 days starting with nichesiteazon and am really amazed at the kind of opportunities. As you have said before, it’s a good amount of work upfront but with pretty nice semi or completely passive benefits later. Keyword research is the most important thing.


Awesome 🙂

And yup, niche sites are great and an awesome way to generate passive income online


RJ Bryan

Hey Josh,
New to the site- Like what I see so far. Did you stop building niche site or just not posting about it?

Id like you opinion. Ive built a few niche site and starting a new one- this time im documenting my process. What do you think is the most important thing to mention in the beginning planning stages?


Hey RJ,

I actually JUST posted a new update to my Niche Site Journey! You can check it out here –

The most important thing to mention in the planning stages is how you plan to do keyword research. This topic confuses a lot of people and it is also the most important to a site’s success.


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