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Niche Site Income Report – July 2014

This is the third income report I have done here on my site and I enjoy writing these so I am able to fully understand how my sites are doing. It allows for me to reflect on the stats and earnings of the site so I am able to set new goals so the sites can continue to grow month after month.

July was a pretty busy month for me and I didn’t put in as much time into these sites as I would have hoped but I was still able to get some stuff done. I guess that is why I love the idea of niche sites, I don’t always have to put in work to see great results. Let’s break down this months stats and show how well the sites did for the month of July.

Niche Site TCZ

Last month this site took a dip in its earnings and traffic, let’s see how to did this month!




Even though July had one more day than June, it was still good to see an increase of 10% on the number of visitors this month. I also saw my pageviews go up, average session go up and my bounce rate go down. It looks like some of the rankings that I lost in June started to come back in July and I wouldn’t be surprised to see even more traffic in August. I only added one link from my PBN this month to the site so it is practically growing naturally now.


In June I saw a pretty big dip in my earnings so I was hoping for a bounce back month this month and I got exactly what I wanted! With the new surge of traffic this month I saw my highest earning month from this site. The previous high was $219 which came in May and last month I made $158. Check out my earnings from July below:



I earned around $237 this month from this niche site and one thing you might notice about the image above is the amount of items ordered. This month there was a total of 157 items that were ordered, last month there were only 116 items. There was an increase in sold items and that is the main reason why my earnings went up. Very good month in terms of earnings this month and I couldn’t be happier.




Future Plans

Right now this site is pretty much on autopilot and it won’t need any more work to earn around $200 a month consistently. I think that I can increase the earnings to around $300 – $400 a month if I can fully max out the potential in this site. I am having a hard time getting any new content for this site because the writer for this site is actually busy writing content for my new niche site.

I might either wait for him to get done or see if I can find another qualified writer to write up some articles for me. We will see what happens but for right now I am happy about how this site turned out!

Niche Site WP

Last month the site earned right around $300 and it was my highest earning site ever for one month. I have added around 15 pieces of content this month and added a couple links. Let’s see if this was enough to top the $300 mark this month!




The traffic continues to grow on this site month after month, this month I saw an increase of 15% in visitors which is awesome! My rankings are all stuck in the top 10 and they keep rising. The coolest thing is that for most of my main keywords I do not have top 3 rankings, this is good because that means there is a ton of potential of growth for this site.

My rankings are almost all on the first page of Google but I am slowly adding links and the rankings are slowly increasing every day. In the next couple of months I expect to see some major increases in traffic and hopefully that translates to major increases in earnings!




This site did end up making more than last month but by only $2, any growth is good growth! 🙂 Even though the earnings stayed relatively the same there was a good increase in items ordered. This month there were 8 more items ordered which is a good increase when there is only 37 items ordered.



Future Plans

I will continue to do what I have been doing, adding content and PBN links. That seems to be the bread and butter when it comes to growing the site. I will be looking to add another 5 – 10 articles along with maybe around 5- 8 new PBN links. Slow and steady is going to win the race and I will slowly be growing this site.

Comulitive/By Month Earnings

By tracking the progress that the sites make month after month can help see what is working and get a better idea of how the sites are looking. That is what the chart below are going to represent.


Earnings month over month continue to grow by a good pace. Each month the total earnings grow by around $100 and that is awesome growth. In july the sites combined to rake in a total of $540 which I am really excited about! Let’s hope both of these sites keep growing and the earnings keep on an uptrend.



So far in 4 months of earnings these two sites have brought in a little more than $1400 in revenue! This is truly amazing and I never would have thought these two sites would have made that much money in such a short period of time.


Overall the month of July was a very good one for both of these sites as both of them saw their highest earning month yet! I fully expect my income from these sites to grow each month from here on out and I will keep adding content and PBN links to both sites.

One thing that I have started to do that I should have done a long time ago is track all of my affiliate links. This way I am able to see the most popular items and which ones need some work. I use pretty link to track these links and so far it has worked great for me.

Let me know in the comments below if you want me to include my new Niche Site Journey site stats in these monthly income reports or should it have its own post? Help me decide by letting me know what you all think, thanks!




Those are good results given the short time the site has existed. Curious as to how many pages of content this site has in order to produce these results?



Thank you Blake! Niche site WP has around 20 pages of content and I am always trying to add more, niche site TZC has only around 8 pages right now. So not too much content as of right now


Hi Josh,

Some nice figures there, I’m sure with more PBN links built you will see some nice jumps in your rankings 😉

Just a quick question is there a guide you could recommend that shows how to start a PBN start to finish? I have come across plenty but thought I would ask which one you used.




Hi Ram,

Thanks for leaving a comment and the PBN course that I followed and learned from is from Alex Becker over at source wave. I followed what he taught and it has helped me a ton! Hope this helps.


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