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Income Report – February 2015

Amazingly, it is already March and I have no idea where January or February have gone! 2015 has been a great year for me so far with my highest earnings in a month yet. I plan on keeping that momentum going strong and trying to improve each month.

Current Going Ons

I have multiple projects currently on my plate and some more in the very near future. I have to say I am excited for my future projects and I think it will help me reach a new level of income. Nonetheless I am swamped with projects and different ideas and I think it is slowing down my work. I might have to cut out some upcoming projects and try to focus all of my effort on a limited amount of different projects. Some of my main priority projects/ideas are listed below:

  • Trying to keep growing all of my niche sites
  • Finding expired domains for my PBN
  • Setting up PBN sites
  • In the process of selling my niche site TZC
  • Starting a two new niche sites
  • Optimizing and growing the website that I bought at the end of January
  • Trying to learn how to utilize Facebook ads for various projects
  • Learning the ropes of Amazon FBA and trying to get my first product live on Amazon
  • And some more ideas that I haven’t been able to start yet

As you can see I have a lot on my plate but I like it like that, I love learning new ways to make money and different techniques that I haven’t tried yet. The last 10 months I have solely focused on building out my niche sites and trying to get to the point of being able to earn a solid amount each month without having to do much work. Now that I have reached that point, I am ready to move into the next aspect of my online business.

I think that is going to be private labeling products from China and selling them on Amazon. I have seen people have great success with doing this and after I sell my site I will have a good amount of capital to work with and start my business on Amazon. I will have a dedicated post to my reasons for moving into Amazon FBA here soon but just know that is where I am heading.

All of the aside, let’s take a peek at how my niche sites did this month!

Niche Site TZC

I am currently in the process of selling this site and it is live in the Empire Flippers marketplace. If you want to buy the site you can find more information here.

The current selling price for the site is undervalued at the moment because February’s earnings are not calculated into the sale price. As you will see this months earnings would raise the sale price, so now would be a good time to get a good deal on the site if you hurry!




Traffic continues to grow as a couple of pages that I have been trying rank the last two months have started to creep onto the first page and I’m seeing a boost in traffic to these pages. Also I have secured number one rankings for all of my main keywords for each page on the site and I have been the top spot for the last couple of weeks.

I haven’t done any active link building to the site and I think the rankings are just increasing naturally as the content begins to age. Not to mention the content also deserves to be the number one spot because it is very well written thanks to my writer on Elance.

February’s Traffic(28 days): 10,780

January’s Traffic: 10,885

Growth: -.009%




Highest earning month with a whopping $727.62 earned in February plus it was only a 28 day month. Also over 300 items were ordered which is amazing. This is all passive income at this point. I haven’t even logged into the wordpress backend of this site for the past two months and no new BN links have been built, yet it continues to grow. Nothing better than passive income.

February’s Earnings: $727.62

January’s Earnings: $699.62

Growth: +4%

Future Plans

Nothing in terms of growing the traffic but I am going to try a different way of monetizing the site. It is a little out of the box but hopefully I will be able to implement it before the site sells. If it works for this site then I know it will work with my other niche sites as well so I am eager to test it.

I have to say, I have mixed feelings about the site reaching record high earnings right when I am about to sell it. I catch myself double guessing my decision to sell the site but I know it is the safest and smartest route to go. You never know when Google could come by and wipe out all of my niche sites overnight so it is a smart thing to in a sense cash out my hard work for a big payday. This also frees up some capital for my to work with in my next projects.

Niche Site WP

I have been hitting the site with a good amount of PBN links yet my rankings seems to slowly be dropping. I don’t know the exact reason why this is happening because I am having highly relevant PBN links pointed at the site that are decent power. I am thinking that the PBN links that I pointed at the site 6-8 months ago are starting to lose some power and my rankings are reflecting that. I am hoping my new links will make up for these PBN sites losing power.




The traffic is on a slow decline and I am hoping this starts to turn around soon. I will be testing and trying to restore the rankings and traffic as soon as possible.

February’s Traffic: 2,775

January’s Traffic: 3,726

Growth: -34%




Not only did the traffic take a hit this month but so did the earnings, and a pretty big one too. The site only sold 36 items which ended up bringing in around $286 this month, way down from last month.

February’s Earnings: $286.33

January’s Earnings: $713.86

Growth: -40%

Future Plans

My main priority will be trying to restore my rankings which in turn will restore the earnings for the site. As we can see the decline in traffic had a direct decline in earnings, no surprise there. That is what I will focusing on next month. I will do some on page seo and try to optimize all of the articles before I start adding any new PBN links. I am hoping this will cure the decline in rankings.

Month by Month Earnings Chart



This is the third month in a row that I have made over $1,000 between these two sites and I am happy about that even though the earnings have dipped this month. A big reason for that is the continued growth of niche site TZC which saw its highest earning month yet. Niche site WP had a disappointing month and I am hoping it bounces back this month. Overall a solid month nonetheless and I am happy about that.

Aside from these two niche sites I have a couple others that I have not introduced to you all besides one which is the site in the Niche Site Journey. I am doing some interesting tests and experiments with these other niche sites and I am excited to bring you all what I have been doing. I am currently testing some different ways to grow a site and make money almost immediately after making the site and without having to wait for Google to rank my pages. Pretty cool experiment and I will be showing you all I find.

Thanks for reading another income report here at Passion into Paychecks and wishing you all a successful month in March!



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