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Bought my First Website!

One of my 2015 goals was to buy a website. I am happy to say that I found a steal of a deal and pulled the trigger!

I have been searching through Flippa and Empire Flippers marketplace the last couple of weeks trying to get a feel for what sites sale for and why. It is really interesting to see how much a site is making each month and how many visitors it gets and then see what the market prices it at. I also like trying to find websites that are undervalued and to see what I can do to increase the value if I was to buy the site.

I will be having more posts dedicated to buying and selling websites here in the near future because I think that websites are some of the best investments that you can make.


I have a saved search on Flippa which means that every time a new listing gets posted that fits my criteria they will it email it me. This happens every day and I got the email early in the morning with this site in the email. I checked out the site and added it to me watchlist because it was a pretty good looking site with good stats. I didn’t have much time to look at the site because I had to get to my morning class.

The funny part is that I thought about this site while sitting in class and I checked out the listing again. For some reason, the first time I looked at the listing I didn’t see the buy it now price which was ridiculously low for the monthly earnings it was getting. I am not going to tell you the exact earnings or buy it now price because I am sure there is a way for people to reverse engineer what site I bought, but I will put things into perspective.

The site had made between $200-$500 the last three months with the bulk of it coming in the last month. The buy it now price was 2x the monthly earnings. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. There must be something wrong with the site or something, I thought there is no way that this site is selling for 2x the monthly earnings.

I emailed the seller and asked for access to the google analytics of the site and made sure everything looked natural and healthy, which it did. He hasn’t done any link building to the site and it has over 50 pages of unique content. It is getting around 200 visitors a day all from long tail queries from all of the content. I LOVE to see a site like this. I ended up buying this site while in class because I was afraid of someone else buying this site before I got out! Good thing I did because I am sure this site would not have been available for much longer.

The type of site is an Amazon review site just like all of my other niche sites. I prefer this because this is where my expertise is and I have had success with sites just like these before. Another positive about these types of sites is that I can sell it for 20x monthly earnings on Empire Flippers.

I realistically could flip this site right away and sell it for 20x on Empire Flippers right now but I can turn this site into a much higher earner. I also want to build up at least 4-6 months of earning history before I sell it so it can sell for maximum value. Who knows, I may not even sell it. I have plenty of options and that is a good thing to have.

Just to recap:

Buy it Now Price – 2x monthly earnings

Monthly Earnings – Around $150

Daily Visitors – Around 200

Type of Site – Amazon review site

Amount of Content – Over 50 pages

This is just an introductory post about this site and I wanted to let you all know that I have accomplished one of my goals for this year by buying a website and I couldn’t be happier about. I think that this was a great investment and I can’t wait to actually get my hands on this site and start working on it. I am pretty confident that I will be able to improve the sites earnings and at some point sell it at an insane ROI.

I will keep you all updated on the progress of this site and I will include this site into my monthly income reports. I am ecstatic about this site and look forward to making some money off of this site! I got incredibly lucky with this site and I probably will never find a better deal than this one.

Let me know in the comments if you guys or gals have any tips or personal stories that you would like to share about buying/selling sites. Thank you for reading everyone!



wilfred weihe

Hi, and how is your site doing half a year later?


Hi Wilfred,

I actually sold this site not too long ago for $280 after it earned me a total of $213 while I had it. So I made a total of $493 and bought it for $400. All in all I made $93 which isn’t very good but it was a good learning experience for me. I will talk about this site more in the upcoming income report that is coming out on Monday


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