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My 10 Favorite Amazon FBA Websites

As many of you know, I made the decision to jump right into Amazon FBA private label without paying for any courses or guides. Instead, I gathered free information from all over the internet and used that as a starting point for my journey.

All of the free information I gathered gave me a place to start and from there I learned the rest from diving in head first. I was able to learn as I went and so far it has worked out pretty well for me.

I am currently less than a week out from having my product LIVE on Amazon. I am just waiting for my freight forwarder to schedule an appointment with the Amazon warehouse for my drop off.

I have done everything up to this point without paying a cent to learn anything. A big reason for that is because of the help from the 10 Amazon FBA blogs below. At one point or another, I have went to each one of these sites listed below for help or reference on something.

Up to this point in my journey, I feel like I haven’t given these sites the credit they deserve so I wanted to dedicate a whole post to highlight each one of them.

Before we get started I want to make one thing clear so there is no confusion – the sites listed below are all focused on private labeling, not retail arbitrage or anything else. Now that we are clear, let’s take a look at the my favorite 10 best Amazon FBA blogs.

Note: The sites are in no particular order

1. Chris Guthrie @


This is the site that initially got me interested in Amazon FBA. I remember reading his monthly updates each month and getting so fired up about this whole business model that it motivated me to go learn more about it.

Chris was also responsible for sparking the idea for me to sell one of my niche sites so that I could raise capital to invest into my Amazon business (thanks Chris!).

He does a great job in his posts and podcasts of breaking things down into simple terms and processes which make the whole thing a lot easier to understand. It is a perfect place for a beginner to go to learn all of the basics, but he also touches on other things will help out the more experienced.

I would highly suggest checking out his site as well as all of the monthly reports he has on his site. One thing I would also recommend is to read the comment section for each income report. Chris answers a TON of questions with helpful answers.

I will link to the very first income report he did and you can read the rest from there. Also, make sure to check out his software called SalesBacker that will help you get more reviews with follow up emails!

Top 3 Pieces of Content

  1. First Amazon Income Report
  2. A Podcast Packed Full of Great Info
  3. How to Get More Product Reviews

2. Will and Kyle @


StartupBros was one of the first few sites that I came across when I went looking for more info about selling on Amazon. And let me tell you, I am glad I did.

Will and Kyle have a TON of helpful resources for people looking to sell on Amazon. They have multiple guides that are packed full of actionable advice and tips.

In my early days before I knew what I was doing, this site really pointed me in the right direction and helped me learn the ropes of how to sell on Amazon successfully. If for some reason you have not read their website or checked out their Youtube channel, you should now. You will not be disappointed!

Top 3 Pieces of Content

  1. Guide on Finding Products to Sell
  2. Great Story About his Importing Business
  3. How to Rank in Amazon

3. Scott @


Scott has hands-down the best Amazon FBA podcast currently online. No doubt about it.

He currently has 94 (and counting) podcasts that cover things from how to find a product to sell to how to generate $1 million in one year and everything in between.

I have referred to a ton of his podcasts while I was trying to figure out how to sell on Amazon and they have helped me out each time. At this point, there isn’t much that he hasn’t covered so if you ever get stuck or have a question about something, I am sure he has a podcast that will thoroughly help you out.

I try to listen to as many of his podcasts as I can because I know for a 100% fact that I will learn something new that I could use in my own Amazon business. Some of my favorite podcasts are listed below:

Top 3 Podcasts

  1. How He Went from $0 to $47k in 90 Days
  2. How to Promote Your Product
  3. How to Source Products Safely

4. Will @


Will is truly an “FBA Expert” as he has sold over $10 million on Amazon.


Anything he says you better listen to. I did so myself and learned a lot of things from his site.

This was one of the first sites that I found when I began my search for more info about selling on Amazon. I found his site from the Amazon Fulfillment subreddit (where he seems to always be answering questions) and I am glad I did.

Some of my favorite and most helpful posts can be found below:

Top 3 Pieces of Content

  1. How to Ship Your Products into Amazon FBA (This was a HUGE help when I began researching how to ship my products)
  2. How Amazon SEO Works
  3. The Future of Amazon and FBA (Scary but good advice in here, I suggest reading!)

5. Ryan @


Freedom Fastlane (along with was the beginning to me getting into selling on Amazon. Hearing his insane monthly profits from his Amazon business was incredibly inspiring and was one of the biggest things that kicked my butt into gear to get started.

His blog and podcast are a wealth of good information for all types of Amazon sellers, new and old.

Recently, his content had drifted away from Amazon (slightly) but his older content is still GOLD. There is plenty to learn from from his podcasts.

I personally learned the ropes of Amazon through his podcast and listening to how he ran his own Amazon business. I also learned to think bigger picture when starting to sell on Amazon and to understand that the end goal is to not sell your product on Amazon. Instead, the goal is to use Amazon as a sort of a launchpad for my ecommerce business.

That was very helpful info and helped me understand how to start my business the right way and how to set it up for success in the future. So thank you Ryan for that.

One last thing I want to mention, his “tribe” replays on Youtube are absolutely PERFECT to learn from and I pretty much watched all of them by now. Highly, highly suggest watching those videos as they will help you out immensely.

To learn more about this information I just talked about and a whole lot more make sure to read his site, check out his Youtube and follow him on Twitter!

Top 3 Pieces of Content

  1. Manipulating Amazon’s Search Rankings (Podcast)
  2. How to Make Money on Amazon (Podcast)
  3. How to Launch Your Amazon Business (Video)

6. Ryan @


This next site has an abundance of helpful tutorials that will walk you through almost every step to being successful on Amazon. Whether that be by podcast, video or writing, Ryan does a great job of explaining how to be successful.

I have relied on this site many time when searching for information or answers to my questions. Most recently, I was looking for a guide or tutorial on how to write a good product destruction. I do not have much experience with copywriting so I went out looking for help.

Luckily, I came across a VERY helpful podcast and video covering how to write good product descriptions. This gave me a good idea of how I should write mine and I was able to write (what I think) was a good product description within an hour.

That is just one example, there has been countless other scenarios just like this one. So I want to give a huge shoutout to Ryan for providing a great resource for people like me looking to start selling on Amazon without spending money on a course.

Some of my other favorite pieces of content are listed below, make sure to go check them out for yourself!

Top 3 Pieces of Content

  1. What to do During Lead Time of Orders
  2. Read this Before Buying that $4k Course
  3. Amazon Sales via Your Website

7. Manuel @


This website here was one that I went to as a reference many times throughout my journey. My favorite thing about Manuel’s site is his 35-part FBA guide where he walks you through each step of the process.

You can read that here.

By reading each step on his site, it let me understand the overall flow of how to get started with Amazon. It gave me an overall strategy to follow so I knew I was on the right path. Aside from his AWESOME 35 part guide, there are countless other articles on his site that cover all types of Amazon FBA topics.

Some of my favorite from his site are listed below:

Top 3 Pieces of Content

  1. Calculate Your Costs (GREAT article that I used many times)
  2. Payment and Delivery Terms
  3. Chinese Sellers on Amazon? Don’t worry for now

8. Terry @


Terry has a website but the majority of his content through videos which can all be found on his Youtube channel.

And let me tell you, his videos are extremely helpful and have a ton of info for Amazon FBA sellers. All of his videos are very thorough and he touches on all of the details of the specific topic he is covering.

I found Terry’s youtube videos a little late in my FBA journey but they have still been a huge help to me. I have learned a lot of small things that I would have never thought of without his help. Thank you Terry!

It is hard to pick the 3 best videos from Terry as all of his content is awesome, so I would suggest you go view his Youtube feed and watch as many videos as possible, you won’t be disappointed!

Top 3 Videos

  1. How to Get your Product to Amazon
  2. 5 Proven Ways to Promote your Amazon Listing
  3. The Easy Way is Not Always the Best Way to Build an Amazon Business

9. Kevin @


I recently came across Kevin’s site and I can’t get enough of it!

His podcasts are awesome and he always has great guests on his podcasts that give out VERY helpful info. I have yet to go through all of podcasts but from what I have heard so far he is creating one of the best Amazon FBA podcasts out there.

Like I said, I haven’t listened to all of his podcasts so the 3 best that I am listing below will be picked from the ones that I have heard.

 Top 3 Podcasts

  1. From Broke College Kid to Million Dollar Business in 6 Months (the first podcast I listened to and it resonated with me as a college kid doing FBA)
  2. Building a Team to Run your Empire
  3. Building an Amazon Empire While Keeping a Corporate Day Job

10. Spencer @


Last, but definitely not least, is Spencer from Niche Pursuits!

I have been a LONG time reader of Spencer’s and he is one of the first sites I started following when I was just starting to make money online (around 4 years ago). He has recently gotten into Amazon FBA and he didn’t buy a course either, he dove straight in.

So far it has worked out for him and he has provided a lot of insights into his success. Highly suggest you checking out his posts and podcasts as they cover a wealth of information that you will find useful.

Top 3 Pieces of Content

  1. How He Went from $0 to $4,399 in 30 Days (His first post about Amazon FBA)
  2. Awesome Q&A Podcast
  3. Update on His Amazon FBA Success


Well there you have it:

These 10 websites/podcasts are the ones that provided me with all of the information I needed to get started selling on Amazon. They made it possible for me to learn the ropes of Amazon without having to fork out thousands of dollars and I am very grateful for they free information they have given.

I am trying to do the same here on Passion into Paychecks by building the ultimate free resource on Amazon FBA. That is the goal and I think I have gotten off to a good start, but I still have a long way to go. I am excited to continue on my journey and share it with you all as I experience it.

Once again, big shoutout to all of the websites listed here and thank you for reading! Hopefully there is at least one site listed above that you hadn’t heard of before.

Let me know in the comment section below what your favorite Amazon FBA websites/podcasts are!

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Superb roundup of some very good and helpful websites.
Thanks for all your hard work. The problem now is not to get overwhelmed by so much information and get “analysis paralysis! “.

Good job Josh


Thank you Lloyd,

and yes you are correct. There is a lot of information here to digest and probably the best thing to do is bookmark this page and come back and read the info later. Thanks for commenting


Rose Egan

Thank you for sharing your findings! May you continue to be this amazing unselfish entrepreneur!
Best wishes with your mysterious new product!


Hey Rose,

You’re welcome, I hope you enjoyed it!



thanks for the mention Josh!, much appreciated! Been “secretly” following your journey as well and found all articles to be extremely helpful 🙂
thanks again!


Hi Manuel,

You’re welcome my friend! Thank you for leaving a comment and finally getting in touch with me 🙂


Greg in Lake Mary, FL

Keep up the excellent work Josh. You are just around the corner from sales and success my man!

I’ll await your next progress update.



Hi Greg,

I will try! 🙂 Thank you for commenting


Edith Russo

Wow, I don’t recognize a single person! Awesome post. I’ll definitely bookmark and refer to in the next few months. Thank you! Good luck on your private label journey. I’ll be watching.


Hi Edith,

I’m glad I was able to provide some helpful resources!

Glad to hear that you’ll be watching my journey and thank you for commenting,


Theodore Nwangene

This is so awesome Josh,
All the sites you mentioned here are really big authorities in their niche and i already knows and follows some of them.

I will have to bookmark this page immediately for easy reference,.

Thanks for sharing.


Hey Theodore,

You’re welcome and yes, these sites are awesome and were a major help to me while I learned the Amazon FBA ropes.


will chen

Hey Josh,
Do appreciated for your info. I’ve gone through all of the post you suggest. Amazing and valuable stuff hit my head. Helpful and informative blog, Keep your post rolling, and we will be following up at all time. May you a bigger bigger Amazon success.

Greeting from china
All the best


Hi Will,

Thank you for your comment and I am glad you have found my site helpful! I appreciate it



Hiya, I’m looking forward to diving into this. I’m a complete beginner. I have no idea even where to start, what to sell or how to go about it. I have so many questions but dont even know what one to ask first. I run a small flower and gift shop so I know how to sell to people face to face and have an e commerce website but I sell all fresh stock. I now need to work out what I want to sell! Looking forward to reading up! Thanks for this! All the best in your future money making journey :)!


Hi Amy,

Thanks for commenting and I am glad you are enjoying my site! Good luck with your journey and if you ever have questions feel free to email me josh@passionintopaychecks


Chris Guthrie

Thanks Josh for the mention. Happy to hear that something I shared helped you on your journey 🙂


Hi Chris,

Big fan and I am glad that you left a comment 🙂


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