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Income Report – January 2015

I am happy to bringing you all the first income report of the new year! I just finished watching the Super Bowl and I am an avid Seahawks fan, I am sure that you can guess how I am feeling right now. It was a pretty heartbreaking loss but I am sure we will bounce back next as we will still have a very good squad. Enough of that, let’s start talking business. January is known to be a quiet month for online businesses as the surge of the holidays ends. Let’s see how I did this month and see how I started off the new year!

Niche Site TZC

This site has been a consistent earner for me for the last couple of months but I am going to be selling this site here within a couple of weeks to create some cash flow so I can start some new ventures online. I am hoping to get around 12k for the site since it is averaging around $600 a month for the last three months. I will be selling the site on Empire Flippers as they offer the best value for my site. I am open to selling the site for $10,500 to anyone that would want to make a private purchase. This would save me from paying the 15% cut that Empire Flippers get of the sale and a lot of time. So if you are interested in this site for $10,500 then shoot me an email or leave a comment.

January Traffic



Traffic remained fairly steady this month and improved slightly over last month. I have slowed down the amount of PBN links that I use on this site as it does not a ton of PBN links to get traffic anymore.

January Unique Visitors: 10,885

December Unique Visitors: 10,444

Traffic Growth: +4.1%

January’s Income


Record highs this month when it comes to the earnings. Very close to reaching the $700 mark and sold over 300 items. These are both very impressive stats and it was a very good month for this site. There were also 13 items that didn’t ship which means that I didn’t get the money for it in January, it rolls over into February’s earnings. I was really hoping for a good month in January so that it would raise my three month average for this site which makes the site be valued higher when I go to sell it.

January’s Earnings: $699.62

December’s Earnings: $633.14

Earnings Growth: +10.5%

Future Plans

Like I mentioned, my plans for this site is to sell it. Going off of the last three months earnings average, the site is currently valued at around $12,000. I am looking to cash out on this site so I can raise some money for future projects. One of the main projects that I will be pursuing is white labeling products and selling them on Amazon. I will have more info about this coming in the near future but to get a glimpse of it you can read Chris Guthrie’s Blog to learn more.

Niche Site WP

Once I sell my other niche site this site, along with my other niche site, will become my main focus. I will be ramping up the content along with more PBN links. You will see in a a minute that this site had a great month and I believe that it is only scratching the surface.

Some Changes I Made this Month

On all of my niche sites I utilize comparison charts and I made a small change that has reduced my bounce rate, increased pages per session and increased the avg. time on the site. It also increased the conversion rate when people clicked through to Amazon. What I did was add a link in the comparison chart for each product to the actual item review on my site. So I give them the option to either click through to Amazon or they can read more about the specific product on my site. Below is December vs. January, you can see for yourself how much it improved visitor engagement.


This site had about the same amount of visitors each month so it is perfect to see how the other metrics stacked up against each other. Pageviews increased by 43%, pages per session increased by 42%, avg. visit duration increased by 38% and bounce rate decreased by 12%. One month probably isn’t enough to fully judge the results but so far it is looking promising.



You already saw how much traffic this site received and it remained almost exactly the same. I am hitting the site hard with PBN links and social signals along with fresh content and I am hoping the traffic will start increasing here shortly. There is a lot of room for improvement in the rankings and that is going to be my focus in the upcoming weeks/months.




A record month for this site with the monthly earnings eclipsing the $700 mark by a couple dollars. Interesting to notice that this site had a decently average month in terms of traffic but the earnings are the highest it ever been. One of the main reasons for this leads back to the changes that I made within the comparison chart. I think giving the option of either reading more about a product or going straight to Amazon really helped push people towards buying. I might do a post that details exactly what I did and how you can do the same. If this is something interesting that you might want to see let me know in the comments below.

Future Plans

I am really going to kick it into the next gear for this site, especially now that I am in the process of selling my other site. That is going to include more PBN links, content and social signals. I will try and hopefully push this site above the $1000 mark in February!

Month by Month Earnings

Niche Site TZC


Niche Site WP


Combined Total Earnings



WOW, over $1400 made this month between my two niche sites!

Record high month but I know there is more work to do and there is a lot more room for growth. This will probably be the last time that niche site TZC will be included in the monthly reports because it will probably be sold here in the near future. Very happy about this month’s progress and I am excited to keep growing these sites. Thank you for reading and expect a lot more content here at Passion into Paychecks. Yup, got a new name for the site and I really like it. What do you all think about it?



Greg Nunan

Very nice work Josh. $1.4k from a couple sites is fantastic. $28k worth of site value right there.


Thank you Greg!

I’m pretty pumped about the sites but I’m even more pumped that you commented on my website 🙂 been following you for a while and I learned a ton from you and your site.

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