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Income Report – August 2014

I am back again for another income report and this time around it is for the month of August. I have been busy working on my niche sites and continuing to grow them. I have give the sites a steady diet of new articles and PBN links. I have found those two things are the best things you can do to keep growing your sites. Once you start making some income from your sites make sure to reinvest them so that your site will continue to prosper. I have done exactly this the last 3-4 months and you will see from this income report that it has steadily improved my earnings each and every month.

The main thing that I want to get across is simple; reinvest your profits.

Let’s all take a look at how my sites did this month!

Niche Site TZC

This site has been up and down the last couple months and this month is no different. I haven’t really touched this site for the last two months but it continues to bring in a decent amount of money each month. This month I want to at least add a couple more PBN links to try and solidify some of the rankings and get rid of the fluctuations. Let’s get into the gritty of this site this month!




I am sure that you all notice the huge dip in traffic around the middle of the month. Like I said earlier I haven’t touched the site for the last two months so there was nothing that I did that increased the traffic to the site. This was all Google. I checked all of rankings and almost all of them had improved and my biggest keyword went from ranking 6th on Google to 1st. This is the main reason why you see the huge jump in traffic around the 25th and 26th of August. I didn’t really think anything of it besides Google is just seeing where I should be on the first page until I read that there was possibly a Google update or refresh that happened around August 25/26th. This could mean that my rankings are here to stay, I am hoping so! If you want some more information about this possible update you can read the article I read here.



After the jump in traffic you can see that for the rest of the month the traffic stayed steady and I am hoping that this continues into the next month. The earnings shoot up when I get around 250 visitors everyday and if I can average that amount of visitors each month I am sure that I will see the highest earning month from this site. The problem is that this site get’s a ton of traffic then it dips for a couple weeks then shoots back up, if I am able solidify these rankings this site could be a great earner each month.






Even with the huge dip in traffic for most of the month this site still ended up having a solid month in terms of earnings. It made $179 in the month of August and it stays a pretty consistent earner. I would love to see what the earnings would look like if the traffic was able to stay around 250 visits a day, I would say that this site could earn around $300 to $350 each month if the traffic was steady around 250 each day. That is going to my goal next month.



This site has almost made a total of $800 since its inception and has been a steady earner each month. Like I said above I see this site having more earning potential and I will be working on increasing the traffic to this site.

Future Plans

I have let this site sit for the last two months without giving it much attention and this month I am going to put some work into it and see if I can get the full potential out of this site. I will be looking to add some new articles, work on the on-site SEO and throw some PBN links at it. I am hoping these things will help the rankings stick and hopefully next month will bring my highest earning month!

Niche Site WP

This site has made around $300 each of the last two months and I know this site can make a lot more. The niche is huge and has almost unlimited potential and in 6 months I can see this site raking in over $1000 easy. Just have to keep adding PBN links and most importantly new content. In August I added around 15 new articles to the site and all of the articles I added in July are now starting to rank for a bunch of longtail keywords.




You can see a nice, steady uptrend of the traffic this month and I have to give most of the credit to the new articles that I have added to the site the last couple months. Like I mentioned earlier the content that I added in July is starting to rank for a ton of longtail keywords and this is bringing in a bunch of targeted visitors to the site.

The recipe is simple: new content + PBN links =  more visitors = more earnings

I am adding new content about as fast as possible as I have to wait for my writer to finish writing them. I add a new PBN link every 7 – 10 days just to make it seem natural and keep them spread out so I can see where I need to point the next link.



You can see from the chart above that the recipe of new content and PBN links have steadily increased my traffic each and every month. 3 months ago I was averaging 72 visits a day and now in August I was averaging 188 visits a day. That is a huge improvement and I don’t see why it won’t keep increasing each month.


With all of this traffic let’s see if this turned August into a good earning month or not!



Wow, check that number out!

This site alone almost made as much as both of the sites made last month. That is some huge improvements and I couldn’t be happier about it. The main reason for the increase in earnings this month is from the surge of traffic that the site saw this month. Also the new content that I added a month ago is starting to sell some items themselves and I am already seeing a good ROI on these articles.



The site made $524 last month and that id almost double what it made the two previous months and it has made $1265 in total since it was created. Overall this site is looking really good and I expect the earnings each month to continue to go up.

Future Plans

At this moment I have about 8 articles that I still need to post to the site and I also have more articles getting written right now by my writer right now. Putting fresh content on this site is going to be a major focus this next month because it has proven to be a good ROI and it has brought in a lot of longtail traffic. These long tail keywords bring in highly targeted visitors that are ready to buy, so the more articles the better.

I will also be adding new PBN links every 1 -2 weeks to make sure that my rankings stay steady and don’t drop. I am very happy about last months performance and I am hoping that september will be another good month for this site.

Cumulative/By Month Earnings

By tracking the progress that the sites make month after month can help see what is working and get a better idea of how the sites are looking. That is what the charts below are going to represent.

By Month Earnings


Another month where the earnings have improved over the previous month. It is great to see that all of my hard work on these sites have turned into some great earning sites and that they keep growing each month. I am continuing to work hard each month so that the sites keep growing at this great pace.


With total earnings from the site reaching over $2100 it makes for a very impressive amount in such a short amount of time. The slope on the chart above is steadily moving upwards and it is a good representation of the progress that these sites are making.


Another good month in August and I am hoping for the same for September. My next goal is to make over $1000 in one month from these sites and I don’t know if that will come next month or in three months but that is my next goal. The simple fact that I have made over $2000 from these sites in the last five months is awesome and I never would have thought that I would have made that much from just two sites. I am very happy about the progress and I hope it continues!




$500 a month for one Amazon site is awesome! You could easily sell that for a few thousands if you wanted to 😉

Are you only using PBN links to rank?


Hi Freddy,

Thanks for commenting and yes $500 isn’t too shabby for one site 🙂 I am hoping down the road to sell the site but I know that there is a lot more potential that I can squeeze out of the site before I do that. I am using PBN links as the mai way I rank but I also get pillow links to diversify my link profile as well as social media links.



hi josh,
how many domains in your pbn now ?


I have around 40 domains now in my PBN

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