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Important Chinese Holidays to Know as an Amazon FBA Seller

The last tip of this week was suggested by a member in our PiP Amazon FBA Facebook group (Thanks Blake!). Today’s tip is going to talk about the different Chinese holidays that could affect your shipments coming from China.

It takes a long time (2 and a half months for me) to get my shipment to Amazon from the point of placing my order with my supplier so any more delays can really hurt you. Especially if you run out of stock on Amazon and want to place a new order but you have to wait an extra week due to China being on a national holiday.

Knowing these dates can really come in handy and can help you minimize the time it takes to get your shipment. You can see below the major Chinese holidays that involve a day off for the workers of China.

Calendar of the Chinese Holidays



Important Dates

The image above shows all of the holidays, but some are more important to know than others due to their length.

Chinese New Year – 7 Days Off

This is a very important date to know as you will be unable to place any orders for a week during this time. Try to plan ahead and avoid needing a new order during this week.

National Holiday – 7 Days Off

Another important date as it is also a week off from work. Same suggestion as the one above, try to avoid needing a new shipment during this time as it will add a week onto your wait time.


This was just a quick tip that I thought was important for people to know. I would suggest either bookmarking this page or saving those dates listed above in your calendar so that you are always aware of them.

Once again, I want to thank Blake from our Facebook group for the suggestion of this tip! That is going to wrap up this week of tips and I will have an update for you all soon on how my product has been doing on Amazon. Stay tuned! Thanks for reading 🙂

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Very useful dates!

Can you write a post on Amazon brand registry? This is all very confusing for me as I understand that in order for someone to stop hijacking your listing you need your product registered in the brand registry.

However, in order to do so you need your branding on the product & packaging. I emailed some suppliers and even having my logo printed on the packaging would increase the MOQ to +3k, I can imagine having your branding on the product itself would increase the MOQ / price even more. So that means you can’t register your first PL unless you order a large amount?

How did you deal with this with your first PL?

Please advise 🙂



Yes, I will write a post about brand registry here within a couple of weeks!

As for your situation, I would order your first shipment and not worry about branding it or brand registry, then once you have seen some success you can order 3,000 and brand it. Once you do that you can do brand registry


Chelle DuBrowa

Thanks Josh!! I was just wondering about this. Perfect timing!!


Awesome 🙂

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