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How to Find Undiscovered Amazon Keywords + Rank Them Using Search Terms

I was inspired to write this article and make the videos below after I was able to find a handful of undiscovered keywords for my product. I also learned how to properly use Amazon’s “Search Terms” not too long ago and I wanted to share with you all what I learned and how I did it.

This is not considered an update in my Amazon FBA case study because it is more of tip than an update on my own business. These tips are mostly geared towards people that already have a product selling on Amazon but, it will still be useful to anyone planning on selling on Amazon at some point.

I have broken down these tips into two different parts, so let’s get started with the first part now!

How to Find Unknown Product Keywords – Part 1

I was able to find 10+ new keywords with a solid amount of monthly searches that I had NO idea about by using this method. With that being said, it takes a couple different tools to make this possible. The list of tools needed are below:

Tools Needed:

  • Merchant Words – $9/month coupon code here
  • Amazon Keyword Tracker – you want
  • Spreadsheet – I use Excel but you could use Google Sheets

Part 1 Video

I have put together a video that will walk you through each step of the process so that you can do the same with your own product. Check it out below:

If you are following the video, you should now have a list of new keywords that you can now try to rank for within Amazon. That is what the second part of this tip will cover.

How to Rank Keywords Using Search Terms – Part 2

There are a ton of different ways to rank your product keywords in Amazon but, I will be focusing mainly on one. The way I will be talking mostly about is utilizing Amazon’s search terms properly.

What are “Search Terms”?

Search terms in Amazon is the area in the backend of your product listing where you can input your main keywords. There are 5 lines where you can put your keywords, you can see what it looks like below:


If you are selling on Amazon you will probably have seen this before. However, there is a good chance that you are not getting the most out of it. Many people, including myself up to a couple days ago, do not know the correct way to fill out these search terms for the best rankings.

The second part of this tip is going to show you how to use Amazon’s search terms the right way and how to use it to rank for keywords.

Part 2 Video

I hope that watching that video helped you understand the correct way to use the search terms. I know that by adding the new keywords into the search term box for my own product increased almost all of my keywords as well as help me start to rank for many of them. The results happened literally overnight as well.


Since I was able to increase my keyword rankings and increase my product’s overall reach within Amazon I thought it would be useful for many of you too.

Thank you all for reading and watching the videos! Make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel because I am planning on becoming a lot more active there in the future.




Hi Josh,
Thanks for the videos…as usual a ton of information and excellent content there..
For the second video: in the excel file you can split the keyword column into many columns by using : menu>Data>Text To Column > Delimited>Space, then you will obtain multiple columns that you can order and rearrange into one column, then you remove duplicates and blanks from that column, so you get all your keywords in one column. then you can them and they will become one line that you can take to word or to the word counter easily.


Hey Youcef,

Glad you enjoyed!

And good tip, I actually did the same thing but manually in a notepad. I didn’t include it in the video because it took too long doing it my way. I appreciate this tip and I am sure this will help many people, including myself 🙂



continued: correction:
then you can copy them and paste special >transpose. they will become one line that you can take to word or to the word counter easily.

Russell Freeman

Josh, thank you for opening my eyes to a new method of entry on Seller Central, keyword section. My A’Ha, moment !! Please explain in another video what you do with the Premium Keyword section, just duplicate the search terms or is this section open to 50 characters too?


Hey Russell,

That’s awesome to hear! As for the premium keyword section are only available for “Platinum Merchants” which is only offered by Amazon to major sellers so for the majority of us, me included, do not have access to these extra keywords.



Hi Josh,
Excellent work. I heard about this in other podcasts. But no one have explained in this much detail and especially the video helps.

Now this makes me think. Can we use the same method to find the top Key word and run it in PPC promotions rather than doing auto PPC. What do you think.

Best Regards.


Hi Mazhar,

Me too! I first heard of using the search terms from a podcast but I did a ton of research to figure out the correct way to do it. I am glad that I was able to explain it clearly so that people can better understand how to utilize this.

How would this method translate to PPC? I don’t really understand what you are saying. If you could explain this a little more I can try to give you my opinion!


Jared Rogers

Killing it buddy! Thanks for the post!


I appreciate it Jared!



Absolutely great post!!! Thanks a lot ~


You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed 🙂



Great post Josh and perfect timing for me! Thanks, Michelle


Hey Michelle,

Good to hear 🙂



Hi John , as always very nicely and neatly explained. Just a quick query here .. can we put any brand name in the Search Term of Seller Central, Though the products is private labeled in the same category of the brand !


Hi Yousuf,

I wouldn’t personally put my competitors brand name in the keywords section but I guess you could if you wanted. I feel like if a person is searching for a brand name then they will buy the brand name product, not yours.



HI Josh,
great stuff, thank you !!!
Just to add a note – I even heard in one podcast that the combination of keyword is make also with words used in Title or Bullet. It means if you have a word “Bow” in title and “arrow” in bullets Amazon will combine it too. Not sure about it but I have heard.
Anyway I have a question about the way of targeting keywords in your video..
How does it work with long term keywords and do I need to use them in description or bullets?
For example I want to highly target keyword “crossbow archery bow and arrow target”. Is it better to use this exact keyword in bullets and description or does it have the same relevance to you use it in search term boxes in the way you are describing in video?


Hi Pavel,

I think you are correct about Amazon being able to piece keywords together no matter where they are located in your listing. As for your question, that is a really good question and I do not know for sure! It would seem like if you had the exact keyword in your description that it would be better than having all of the words scattered in the search terms.

Good question and maybe you could test it out and report back? 🙂



Have you instead tried to find keywords?
They have tools to do reverse ASIN searches and even trending keyword searches for Amazon. You get tons more data, and its all searchable, and the search volumes are more accurate with daily updates.


Hi James,

I have not, Ill have to check it out! Thanks



Thanks for the great post. For the example I know that you can’t show the “improvements” in rankings for those keywords since that bow target was not your product. Could you give some insight on some results you observed for your personal product once you implemented the correct way to use search terms? Any noticeable differences in rankings for keywords you were >300 than, possible sales you made from those new keywords, etc?

Great info. Thanks again.


Hi Josh, at first thank you for this guide. There is many useful informations. I found this website and I think it will help to remove boring removing duplicates in keywords:
This free tool remove duplicates from keywords. Just copy & paste text from Excel as is, press button and you have final result 🙂
And on the end I would like ask you have you tried to use advertisement campaign? If yes is the keywords choosing the same like the product listing? Thank you and have a nice day. Jan

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