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Win 6 of the Best Amazon FBA Tools for Free (Contest)

I mentioned in one of my recent Amazon FBA case study updates that I was working on something really cool and that I couldn’t wait to tell you all about it. Well, it is finally here.

I am happy to announce that I will be running the biggest Amazon FBA contest ever(that I know of) and I will be giving away 6 of the best Amazon FBA tools to the winner of the contest for FREE. That means the winner of this contest will have access to all 6 of these tools/products for free and they will be able to use these to help grow their Amazon business.

I have personally used all of these tools to help grow my own Amazon business and would highly recommend them to anyone currently or planning on selling on Amazon. Before I let you know what tools will be in the contest, I first want to give a HUGE thanks to all of the owners of these tools for giving away their tool/product for free in this contest. Without them this wouldn’t have been able to happen.

Without further ado, here are the 6 tools that the winner of this contest will receive:

  1. Jungle Scout: Free Google Chrome extension and 3 free months of their new web app
  2. Amz.One: One free copy of their standard account (the one I use!)
  3. Salesbacker: 6 months free access
  4. AmzShark: Free enterprise account
  5. 3 free product pictures (good for 6 months)
  6. Spike Listing: Free launch service

These 6 tools mentioned above are the only tools you will ever need to sell on Amazon and you could get them all for free! I am SO excited about this and I am really happy that I can provide the winner with all of these tools.

How to Enter the Contest

Entering into this contest is easy, pick at least one of the actions below and you will get entered into the contest. The more actions you choose, the more entries you will have in the contest and the better chance you will have at winning. Also, if you do at least 3 of the actions you will get a bonus of 3 entries.

PiP Amazon FBA Tool Giveaway

The contest will run for two weeks, from November 2nd – 16th and the winner be will be announced shortly after the contest ends. These two weeks also give you a lot of time to get as many entries into the contest as possible to increase your chances of winning.

More Details About The 6 Amazon FBA Tools

I am sure most of these tools in the contest you have heard of before and know what they do, but you may not know a couple of them. For that reason, I will be highlighting each one of them below and how I have used them. I will also be explaining how they have personally helped me and my Amazon FBA business.

1. Jungle Scout

One of the most popular Amazon FBA tools currently on the market and for good reason. I would recommend this tool to anybody looking to start selling on Amazon or to anyone that is already selling on Amazon. There are an unlimited amount of ways that you can utilize this awesome tool.

Jungle Scout was originally only a Google Chrome extension that worked within your internet browser. This was no problem and did it’s job perfectly. With that being said, Greg Mercer (owner of JS), decided to step things up and he created a web app for Jungle Scout. This open up EVEN more ways to utilize this this tool.

The good news, you can get access to both the Chrome Extension AND the web app of Jungle Scout. Pretty sweet! 🙂

Main Features

Jungle Scout makes it very easy to quickly determine good vs. bad products and it is a huge time saver. Jungle Scout played a huge part in helping me find my product that I am currently selling on Amazon.

You can watch a video that I made where I talk about how to use Jungle Scout to find products to sell on Amazon. You can check that out below:

Not only can JS help if you are looking for a product to sell, but it can also provide valuable information if you are already selling on Amazon as well.

Using the data JS provides, you can make decision such as:

  • What is the optimal price point that will provide the most sales?
  • What variation of my product should I create next?
  • What will Amazon take from each sale in fees?
  • What will my profit margin look like?

It can help you answer all of the above questions and a ton more. I created a video that explains how to do all of these things and it was actually featured on Jungle Scout’s blog. You check out that video below:

All of the things mentioned above can be done using the Google Chrome extension and you will have a free lifetime license of it.

The other thing that Jungle Scout was kind enough to do was throw in 3 free months of their new Jungle Scout web app. This web app is pretty much the ultimate tool to product research. It can do anything you would ever need and it makes finding products to sell on Amazon a breeze.

2. Amz.One

I use this product every single day and I am so happy that they were willing to donate a free copy to my contest. I know that this will a be a very useful tool to whoever wins.

Main Features

This tool is another one that has many different uses. Anyone that is selling on Amazon will be able to find some use for this tool because you can do so many different things with it. I will list the uses below:

  • Extremely accurate keyword tracking (My favorite)
  • Sales tracking for any products
  • Create super urls within seconds
  • On page analyzer – quickly determine if you or your competitors listing is optimized or not
  • Negative review tracker – be notified of any negative review for your product
  • Product research – dig deep into the bestsellers lists of any category and get a ton of useful info

You have probably seen screenshots of my keyword rankings on Amazon in my last couple of updates and all of them have been from this tool, Amz.One. The keyword tracking is very accurate and keeps a detailed report so I can look back a few weeks and see the progress I have made. You can see below how the keyword tracking looks:


Some of my other favorite features include sales tracking of any product and the ability to create super urls. I have also used both of these features for my own product. I used the sales tracking feature when I was trying to determine how many units I should giveaway in my first launch.

I tracked the top competitors for my main product keyword and I was able to find out how many units they were selling on a daily basis. This was helpful info because that let me know how many units I needed to giveaway so that I could beat their daily sales and show Amazon that I was selling just as much as the “big boys” in my niche.

The other feature I have used heavily is the super url creator. For each of my two launches I have done, I have used super urls that were created from They make it very easy to create these super urls and you have full control over the settings of them as well.

All in all, Amz.One has been a huge help to me during this whole process of starting to sell on Amazon and I see them being a useful tool for me for the foreseeable future. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that is selling on Amazon.

The Offer has been nice enough to throw in a free standard edition account for the winner of this contest. The standard account comes with all of the features I mentioned above and you will be able to do everything you will ever need. I also have been using the standard account for myself and I haven’t had one complaint.

Below is a screenshot taken straight from’s website where you can see all of the features that are included in their standard account:


As you can see, a lot of good stuff in this account. You will also be saving $40 a month if you win the contest 🙂

3. SalesBacker

This tool has been VITAL to getting reviews for my product. Without the help of SalesBacker, I wouldn’t have nearly as many reviews as I have now. I would highly suggest this tool to anyone that is looking to increase the amount of reviews for their product.

Main Features

Salesbacker can do a couple of things, but the main thing it does is act as a follow up email sequence to increase your product’s reviews. And let me tell you, it is very good at it.

Below is a screenshot of how Salesbacker has performed for me personally on my own product:


These are ACTUAL stats from Salesbacker account. You can see how it has performed for me so far. At the bottom of the screenshot you can see the conversion rates that I’ve have gotten in the last 90, 30 and 7 days. The conversion rates are the most important metric to measure how well you are getting reviews. The higher the conversion rates the better, obviously.

With that being said, check out the conversion rates I have gotten so far with using SalesBacker:

Review Conversion Rates

90 Days – 24.8%

30 Days – 32.0%

7 Days – 15.9%

One thing to note, I have given away 125 units to help launch my product so these conversion rates might be a little inflated due to that. However, in the last 7 days I have not done any launches so the conversion rates for the last 7 days are a good representation of what kind of numbers you could expect.

So if we only look at the last 7 days, I have sold 82 units and I have gotten 13 total reviews and 100% of them have been positive reviews. On top of those 13 product reviews, I have also gotten 6 seller feedback reviews. These are awesome numbers and much better than what you would get without using a follow up sequence like Salesbacker.

Another really cool thing that separates Salesbacer from other email follow up software tools is that it provides you with a handful of default templates and follow up emails that you can utilize right away. No need to worry about writing your own emails because Salesbacker does it for you and they are very good. Below you can see the different campaigns you can choose right away without having to create your own:


You can choose the campaign that fits what you need. If you need product reviews then choose the campaign that maximizes getting product reviews. If you want to maximize both your seller feedback and product reviews then have a campaign for that as well. Right out of the box, it is very useful and can be put into action immediately. Not to mention you can also create your own campaign if you want!

The Offer

Chris Guthrie, the owner of SalesBacker, was awesome when I reached out to him and he generously offered the winner of this contest 6 FREE months of Salesbacker. I want to give a big thanks to Chris for this, I know that this will provide someone with a huge help when they are trying to maximize their reviews for their product.

PiP Amazon FBA Tool Giveaway

4. AMZShark

This is a really cool tool that I found recently and I am really liking it. Some of it’s features are similar to that if’s but it has a couple of things that makes it different. Check out it’s main features below:

Main Features

AMZShark has the ability to track your keyword rankings, track sales and create super urls, but my favorite features are the “Niche Scout” and the “Keyword Explorer”. Let’s take a closer look at these two features.

Niche Scout

This is a really neat feature that I have not seen in any other tool. It allows you to input a keyword and it will pullback all of the most important stats regarding the keyword such as reviews, sales, and price. Then it will generate a score from 0 – 100 which will show you the competitiveness for this keyword.

See the image below to see an example of the feature in action:


The “Shark Score” is the competitiveness score from 0 – 100 with the higher the number the more competition there is. I really like the idea of this and it gives you a good idea of whether you should pursue that specific product or not.

Keyword Explorer

Another really cool feature that AMZShark has. You input a specific keyword that you are interested in and it will pull back results that will give you some helpful information.

See the screenshot below for an example:


For any keyword that you search for, it will bring back the monthly searches, cost per click and the number of results for that keyword. The estimated monthly searches is a cool thing to see but it seems like this number varies quite a bit from Merchant Words, nonetheless it is still useful info and gives you a general idea of the demand for that keyword.

I really like how it shows the estimated cost per click for this keyword. This info is very useful when you are starting run ads on Amazon. This shows you the average price you will have to pay to get one click to your product for that keyword.

In the last column where it says “results” is some more awesome info. That number shows you the number of related keywords for that specific keyword. using the example in the screenshot above, for the keyword “Bicycle helmet” there are 183 related keywords. If you click on this number it brings up all of those related keywords, see below:


This brings up a TON more keywords that are related to that specific keyword and can give you keywords that you never knew about. This is a really cool feature.

The Offer

The winner of this contest will have free access to their Enterprise Account, which is the more expensive account that has all of the features included. Check out the features that are included below, the account with the orange outline is the one that the winner will get:


You will get access to a $100/month tool! Huge thanks to the guys over at AMZShark, you are awesome!


This really isn’t a tool, but I still wanted to include it in this contest because I know it will be helpful to anyone looking to get product pictures taken. I used for my own product pictures and I was very happy with the final outcome.


Having high quality product images are key to having a high converting product listing and does a great job with this. Below you can see what they offer:


They have a streamlined process currently setup that makes everything really easy. You send your product into their studio and then they will take the pictures exactly how you want, then they will send you the images. You can also have them ship back your product if you would like.

The service I received was awesome. They were quick to respond to any questions I had and they acted very professional. If you are looking for a reliable way to get high quality product images taken, then this would be my suggestion.

The Offer

The people over at were nice enought to offer 3 product images for free. This offer will last for 6 months after the contest ends. This should give you plenty of time to get your images taken.

If you are just starting with this Amazon business then 6 months will be plenty of time for you to get to the point where you need images taken. If you are already selling on Amazon, you could use these 3 free images to add a couple more pictures to your listing which will help with conversion rates. No matter where you are at in the process, free product images should be useful to you.

6. Spike Listing

Last, but definitely not least, is the launch service of Spike Listing.

If I had to pick one reason behind my initial success selling on Amazon it would be because of Spike Listing. They have helped me launch my product the right way and the results are the proof.

Main Features

Spike Listing will help you launch your product and set you up for future success. You will see a boost in your rankings for all of your product keywords as well as get a ton of reviews for your product. You can see my results from Spike Listing from my last two updates in my Amazon FBA case study, you can read them here and here. I also give my own review on Spike Listing in those articles I linked.

I currently have around 100 reviews for my product and I have given away a total of 125 units during my launch. Not all 100 of these reviews are from Spike Listing, but I would say 80 of these 100 reviews have been from my launch with Spike Listing. The other 20 or so reviews are reviews from regular customers.

These reviews have helped tremendously with my product listing conversion rate and the most important thing is that it has significantly increased the rankings for all of my product keywords. I have gone from not ranking in Amazon for any of my keywords to ranking on the first page for all of my keywords that I have I have been targeting.

This has caused my sales to increase week after week to a point where I am now trying to slow down sales so I don’t run out of stock. This is a good problem to have!

The bottomline is that Spike Listing has been a huge help to the success of my product and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to increase their sales and the number of reviews.

The Offer

The winner of the contest will win a free launch from Spike Listing. However, the owner of Spike Listing says that they don’t want to give out a number of units for the giveaway because it will depend on what product you are selling.

If you win this contest, you will need to give some background info on your product to Spike Listing so that they can do some research to determine optimal number of units you should giveaway for your launch. This will vary depending on what product you are selling. One thing to note, if you are in an extremely competitive niche and thousands of units will be needed in the launch they will not be able to do it for free.

With that being said, most people will not have to worry about that and you will be able to launch your product for free. If you are already selling on Amazon you could still get some use out of this service. For example, if you want to try and increase your ranking for a specific keyword you could do a launch that is targeting that one keyword. I have recently done a 25 unit giveaway that targeted one keyword and I saw some awesome results from it.

No matter if you are just starting on Amazon or you have been selling for a while, this can still be useful to you!


I ran a giveaway for a free copy of Jungle Scout about 6 or 7 months ago and it seemed like it was a success, I wanted to really take this contest to the next level by giving away a ton of value to the winner. Thanks to all of the people that made this possible and I hope the winner of this contest will be able to put all of these tools to good use and that it will help them become successful selling on Amazon.

As a reminder, this contest is going to run for 2 weeks, from November 2nd – 16th so make sure that you get in as many entries as possible. If you haven’t entered yet, you can do so below. Thank you and good luck!

PiP Amazon FBA Tool Giveaway




Sweet, sweet deal, thanks for the offers to all the providers. I hope I win; I could really use this suite of tools! But even if I don’t, the product reviews you gave above are already very useful.



Good to hear that Greg 🙂 Best of luck to you my friend



This is one freaking awesome contest Josh! I am just starting out on my FBA journey and it would be so helpful to win it! Thanks again for pulling these 6 tools together for the contest. I’ve been learning so much from your blog. I’ve been a silent reader but this is too good for me to keep quiet.



Hi Jane,

Thank you!! 🙂

Thanks for finally commenting and I appreciate your kind words Jane


Robert and Jenny

Josh, we are very proud of you, keep on rocking – maybe you should launch your own infoproduct or Kindle book.


Thank you! And I will take that into consideration, I appreciate your comment 🙂



Hi Josh,
Just wanted to say what an awesome blog and step by step guide you’ve compiled here. This really is the best and most informative FBA process I’ve come across yet.

In fact you have inspired me much that I have decided to follow suit and am currently working through the first step in selecting an FBA product to private label.

Wish you the best that life can offer. At more then twice your age your write up has simply blown me away!!

Take care my friend!


Hi Shak,

I really appreciate the comment Shak!

Awesome to hear that I have inspired you and if you ever need any questions answered let me know. Good luck 🙂



Hi Josh,

Awesome job with this blog, and very nice of you to give away all these resources! I have been trying to source products from China for the last 3-5 months, but no luck so far. I have experienced a ton of trial and error, but part of the process. I am thinking of ordering products from another website besides Alibaba.

Do you have any experience sourcing/ordering products from another site besides Alibaba? Seems to me there are plenty of good US manufacturers that people fail to notice.

Best Regards,


Hey Frank,

Thank you Frank!

I do not have any experience with sourcing products from sites other than Alibaba but I know there are alternatives that work well. I wish you the best of luck sourcing a product


Raymond U

So, who won?



Michal won, you can see who won at the top of the post!


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