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An Underused Way to Brainstorm Product Ideas to Sell on Amazon

In today’s tip, I will be going over a really cool way to brainstorm different product ideas for you to sell on Amazon. In my opinion, this tip is probably one of the best that I have found when looking for products to sell.

I haven’t seen anyone else every talk about using this strategy for Amazon FBA products and I think you are all going to really find this useful.

You may have already seen this tip because I have sent it out to a small part of my email list. However, most of you will have not seen this tip before and I think it will be beneficial to everyone here. If you have already seen this, sorry, but for everyone else I think it will be very useful to you.

The tool that I will be using in this article is a website called This is a website that shows you a LOT of awesome data from Ebay and we can use this data to help us find good products to sell on Amazon.

How to Use Watchcount to Find Products

There are multiple ways to utilize Watchcount and the easiest way for me to explain all of them is through a video. I have put together a video that you can view below that will walk you through all of the different ways that you can use Watchcount.


That wraps up this tip, thanks for watching and I hope you found this useful. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below! Tomorrow I will be back with another tip for you all so make sure to come back for more 🙂

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Hey Josh, great post.
Do the sales refer to number of sales per last month, or since the product was launched? If the second option is right, I think that can be a abit misleading. What is your take on that?


Hey Josh, sounds awesome, i will check it out. Best wishes from Hamburg in Germany. You can be proud of yourself that you have accomplished so much at your age, best wishes!


Hi Robert,

Let me know what you think! Thank you, I appreciate that Robert



Same question as Benji – what period for the watch count and sales periods – thanks


I thinking about this further – it really doesn’t really matter about the time frame – thsi is only a brainstorming/screening tool – your detailed analysis will deterine wether or not this is a product worth pursueing.


I actually found out that the data is all time for the product. So the sales you are seeing are all time, and not from a specific period. I didn’t realize that when i as making the video, but like you said this is just a brainstorming tool and the sales are not hugely important.

Good question John


Maria Janeth

Hi Josh,

Excellent post. A question: The keywords shown in the search for any product in Watchcount work to create the titles and descriptions of my product in Amazon?

Which tools you use to create titles and descriptions, or, that you use about it?

Best regards


Hi Maria,

Thank you, I create my titles and descriptions by myself and don’t use any tools. But I see how you could use Watchcount to help you with creating titles


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